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Thread: Fly/Hook Size for 5wt?

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    Default Fly/Hook Size for 5wt?

    What is the largest fly/hook size for a 5wt floating line?
    I will need to cast around 35-45+'.

    What is the best Bass bug & size for a 5wt?

  2. Default BEST FLY !

    There are 4 main things to consider here.
    I. The weight of the fly
    2. How aerodynamic is it.
    3. The diameter of the leader you are using
    4. The profile of the line you are using.

    All of the above have some relationship with each other.

    If you have a bug/bass taper you would be surprised how large a fly you can actually cast with it. If you have a w/f profile with a long forward taper that will likely create some problems for you, with certain kinds of fly.
    Flies, which incorporate deer hair, for the size can be very light in weight but not very aerodynamic, in large sizes. Flies such as small popping bugs you should have no problem with.
    You can also purchase leaders that are designed as Bass taper.
    Heavy weight flies may need a adjustment to the casting stroke, you will have to slow the cast down. If you feel that you are having some difficulty casting with the flies you are using the odds are one or more of the above 4 points l gave you needs some attention.

    In so far as what is the best fly to use, , the best one is the one that is catching fish for you, but of course all waters have certain fly patterns that work well.
    Post a request for info on the waters that you wish to fish, l am sure someone will provide you with some info for that ok.
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