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  1. Default Flying with gear

    Any tips on flying with fly rods and reels? I'm flying to Arizona in February and was wondering if anyone knew what you could take as carryon or how to pack the gear without causing problems with the flight?

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    rods in three piece or four piece cases...all reels...abel pliers...small flies bonefish permit... tarpon ususally no...

    airlines if I get through TSA that's it for me...pre-911 did two piece carry on...I not tried it since but if TSA lets it will still fit in most newer planes 'cause the overheads are not bulkhead like the old planes

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    if at all possible---ill make arrangements in advance with the lodge and send the rods and flies by fed ex or ups about a week before i leave---the day before i fly out ill call and make sure they have arrived --if not ill take my backup rods and struggle---i always have my reels and camera in my carry on bag---ill do the same thing on the way out---everything goes very smoothly

    you cant do this with international travel---everything has to go through customs

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