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  1. Question Which fair is best for us?


    I've put together a package for fishing some exclusive rivers in England and would like to come over to your country and meet you to show you what we've got. Can anyone please explain which one of your fairs would be most appropriate for a couple of us to take a stand at?



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    Not sure about the States, but here in Canada the Toronto Sportsmen Show is the largest and most lucrative. Been to it a couple times in my youth. Lots of fun.

    Toronto Sportsmen’s Show

    Good Luck
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    The Fly Fishing Show is the largest show tour in the United States.

    Fly Fishing Show


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    Here is the PacNW there is the Pacific Northwest Sportmen's show. It is hugely popular.

    Pacific Northwest Sportsmen's Show |

    However, it is a show that covers a lot of bases. Lots of hunting, boating, etc displays. There is also a lot of fishing booths. There are a lot of guides that set up as well. Mostly operations from the western US and Canada. A few outfits from Mexico as well.

    The fly fishing guides and business displays account for maybe 15% of the show area. Not nearly as focused on the clientele you are seeking i imagine. However, an extremely popular show around here.

    There is also the Northwest Fly Tyer and Fly Fishing Expo

    Northwest Fly Tyer and Fly Fishing Expo

    A really good show but a lot more narrow scope of attendees. I would think you would have a lot more success at this show.

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