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    Default Orlando and Surrounding Areas- Fly Fishing

    Hey guys, My wife and I are coming out to Orlando during christmas break. I am dying to try my hand at salt water fly fishing and would love to catch a bone fish or other salt water fish. I have been cruising the internet and found that most of the permit and bonefish are around the Keys which is a decent drive from Orlando. So I was hoping someone could help me out and point me towards the closest place to Orlando where I can catch some salt water fish.

    Also I realize I may not be coming at t he best time of year so any pointers you can give me and recommended flies would be great. I am not looking for any hot spots just a good general area to wade in and catch some fish.

    I have a Sage Vxi 9wt salt water rod and lamson reel, will this be enough? and what fish should I target during Decemeber? Also I am not limited to just Orlando so if you know any killer areas I will be sure to travel there.

    Thanks in advance everyone, I really appreciate it.

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    Default Re: Orlando and Surrounding Areas- Fly Fishing

    That's not Bonefish and Permit country, but Redfish and Seatrout (among others) can be had to the east in the Indian River/Mosquito Lagoon area. To the west, there is also inshore fly fishing along the gulf coast. Tarpon and Snook live on both coasts, although December is often on the cold side for them. Google Indian River and Mosquito Lagoon. I don't have any personal contacts, but there's lots of information and guides in the area.

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    Default Re: Orlando and Surrounding Areas- Fly Fishing

    December sees the snook move inside the bays rather than being fishable off the beach, though they are still available. Redfish and seatrout are definitely available, as are ladyfish. Pompano can be found sticking close to rockpiles, and flounder can be caught on the same flats as redfish and trout. There are a lot of good guides in the Tampa/Sarasota area. Rick Grassett is one that I highly recommend as fly-fishing specific trips go, but there are many other good guides in the area (Alan Routh is another; while he typically uses conventional tackle, he is welcoming to clients fishing on the fly). Good luck!

    Also, I forgot to mention that the 9wt will be just fine for what you're doing. Just be sure to wash down the rod and reel with freshwater after use to be safe. You can also soak the reel in warm water if you've spent a few times out or if your reel took a swim at any point.
    - A.J.

    Working out a way to convince my university to allow me to hold my TA office hours on the nearby creek...

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    Default Re: Orlando and Surrounding Areas- Fly Fishing

    As far as I'm concerned the whole area around Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge/Canaveral National Seashore/ Mosquito Lagoon/ Kennedy Space Center is far more interesting than the sea of humanity that surrounds Orlando.
    Do yourself a favor and go there even if you don't fish. It's less than an hour away
    Last time I was at Merritt Island we saw bobcat, wild boar, alligators, armadillos, and many many species of birds.
    Plus caught a few fish.

    I was going to have you contact the fly shop in Titusville but I find that they've recently closed up. Their website is still active
    THE FLY FISHERMAN ... Home to the Mosquito Lagoon

    even better
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    Default Re: Orlando and Surrounding Areas- Fly Fishing

    Unfortunately the Fly Fisherman shop in Titusville has gone out of business. Sad but true. There is a good fly shop in Orlando called Orlando Outfitters, Orlando Outfitters - fly fishing rods, reels, flies, gear and fly tying materials. I'd call them and ask for recommended outiftters and and flys. There's also a shop in Apopka just a little to the north called Mosquito Creek Outdoors Mosquito Creek Outdoors depending where you'll be located. On the wests coast is the Crystal River fly shop Nature Coast Fly Shop in Citrus County Florida, Fly Fishing Guides, Fly Fishing Lessons. and they do guided fly fishing trips.

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    Default Re: Orlando and Surrounding Areas- Fly Fishing

    Thanks for all the feedback guys, I really appreciate it. So what I am hearing is that Mosquito Lagoon, Indian River, and around Merrit Island represents some of the best fly fishing in and around Orlando? am I correct in assuming that ?

    Would it be worth it to travel down to the keys during the Winter months or should I stick around the Lagoons?

    Do you guys know of any areas that are wadeable or do they mostly require a boat or a guide? Do you know of any place on the lagoon that you can rent a flat boat or fishing boat? I am having a hard time finding rentals.

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    Default Re: Orlando and Surrounding Areas- Fly Fishing

    Good question about rentals. I spent 2mo. in New Smyrna Beach last winter and I found a real need for a water craft. I found that most of the bottom was muck and not comfortable wading for me. I know I am a big sissy. I checked into renting kayaks and found that it would have been cheaper to buy one and just give it away at the end of the stay and they were not fishing yaks either. I did not look into a skiff after getting prices on yaks.

    I will say that to fish the area we were in some sort of water craft is need to gain access to 99% of the potential fishing.

    Good luck. It is fishing heaven IMHO

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    Default Re: Orlando and Surrounding Areas- Fly Fishing

    Give Darren Selznick of the ole Florida fly shop a call ifyou want info about the keys.

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