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    Default The first time a day of fishing felt "Unfortunate".

    Not sure I ever thought I would use that word related to a day on the water. Saturday was my first chance to hit the water for several weeks. The wife decided that we needed a bigger place, and I agreed after finding out that the new place had a basement that I could build a reloading and tying bench into. I lost a few weeks of fishing in the move, and a few more setting up and re-finding all my gear. So Saturday seemed the day to have a bit of fun.

    I should have figured something was wrong when I woke up and didn't want to get out of bed. My cold returned and my head was still full of dust from moving the last few boxes. I figured that "Everything" clears up and feels better once that cool water starts swirling around your legs. I was a little off in that assumption.

    I got to my favorite spot just as the sky was starting to show some light. Pulled on my boots, lined my rod and replaced the stuff that just wouldn't straighten out. I get everything finished and start down the trail. About thirty feet down I realize that I forgot my trash sack. I carry a nylon sack to pick up all the trash I come across. I must have missed a party, there was at least a case worth of beer cans and bottles in the first 300 yds. Sheesh...It's not that hard to carry your trash out is it? Since I forgot my bag I decided to grab all this stuff on my way out.

    There have been some storms here over the last few weeks so the water was a little higher than normal. I'm not all that good yet so the speed of all that extra water made my day difficult. Then I hear some guy calling for his dog from one of the houses on the hill. No biggie, dog just caught a scent as he was doing his morning business. Apparently it was a really good scent that led him far away. The yelling didn't stop, in fact it got louder as the guy and his son broke out the bull horns. I kid you not, I even heard the feedback squeal a few times.

    None of the fish were interested in what I was offering this day, so I figured I'd finish early and take my daughter to the zoo. 3yr olds immitating Tigers are always fun. That's when the day turned the wrong way. As I was getting back to the trail that leads to my truck I saw a bunch of motion on the other side of the river. It looked like a Beaver, how weird is that? As I looked more intently I realized that the brown fur didn't belong to a beaver, but to a deer. He was laying half in the water and kicking up a lot of water. I had heard what sounded like a rifle shot about a half hour before so it struck me that he could have been the target. That irritated me since there is no hunting in the park.

    I have nothing against hunters, I know many. Hunting doesn't bother me and I don't mind things being dead, I'm just not a big fan of making them dead. That's the reason that I never really hunted. As I waided across the river and got closer to the deer I realized that he was not the target of a rifle. If he was, he had a whole lot of bad luck strike him at once. Both his forelegs were broken and he had blood coming out of his nose. There is a road a ways up the hill so I believe he must have been hit by a car.

    I noticed a guy up the river a bit watching the water flow over the rapids. With the colorful backpack he appeared to be out for a day hike. Since I never killed a deer before I wanted to see if he knew more than I did about the animal in general. He did. He went back across the river with me to see to the animal. All I can really say is that I'm glad I carry a fishing knife for the rare fish that is overly damaged by one of my hooks, there was nothing else around but rocks. The hiker pointed out the anatomy and I was glad that the knife was sharp.

    It was a strange feeling that left me just wanting to take my daughter to the zoo all the more, but there was still the matter of all those beer cans on the trail. At least the hiker didn't forget his trash bag on this outing.
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    Default Re: The first time a day of fishing felt "Unfortunate".

    This is the second story like this that I have heard in the past week. The first was a result of a poor shot from a hunter, but the end result was still the same.

    Good job for making the tough call
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    "Unfortunate" certainly sums up your day. Thanks for sharing, hope your day at the zoo was an improvement.

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    Default Re: The first time a day of fishing felt "Unfortunate".

    perhaps unfortunate, but you did the right thing; at least you can live with that. Some days are a bust.

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    Default Re: The first time a day of fishing felt "Unfortunate".

    Sorry to read all that; brought back my own bad memories of finding a young deer that had been hit back in 1982. I killed it also and had a long few days before the thoughts cleared. Things will get better, you have my word

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    Default Re: The first time a day of fishing felt "Unfortunate".

    It sounds like you did the hard, but right thing. In my opinion, the wrong way or easy way (often those 2 are the same) would have been you leaving the scene......that would haunt me worse than anything.

    I guess all people are different -- I've done this before with smaller wounded mammals and it has never really bothered me because I knew it really needed to be done.

    Eh - that's life. The next time you go out there you'll probably catch a 20" rainbow on the first cast.

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