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    Default Re: Gloves--What's your preference??

    You know I'm right Mr. Mustachio II. Next time you hook up a fish, pay attention to the tension you have on your lips. LOL...So with the gloves you it to break off big iciles from the stache?! I think the mustachio gang is after me now.....hehehehehe

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    Default Re: Gloves--What's your preference??

    The ice helps me to keep a stiff upper lip

    Sorry for the thread hijack but that could not go unanswered.

    Anywhere can be the land of great expectations, broken dreams, or paradise found, it's all up to you.

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    Default Re: Gloves--What's your preference??

    My preference in gloves? Socks....

    Oh and Kenai's.
    It's not the heat, it's the stupidity.
    What manner of jackassery will I be subjected to today?

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    Default Re: Gloves--What's your preference??

    Quote Originally Posted by nicknick222 View Post
    Most of your heat is lost through your head.
    You can ski naked if you have a good hat?

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    Default Re: Gloves--What's your preference??

    Quote Originally Posted by Diver Dan View Post
    You can ski naked if you have a good hat?
    What an image Not sure how to flush that one out.

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    Default Re: Gloves--What's your preference??

    i use one of 2 pairs. Generally its some Orvis fingerless gloves that are fleece with rubber palms, they are super. Second pair is really two pairs, a pair of brown jersey gloves on first then wool fingerless over top. I call them my deluxe hobo gloves. They are very warm and comfy.
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    Default Re: Gloves--What's your preference??

    I own a couple of different ones to use at different points through the year. The fold overs are a great concept and really nice to have when you are NOT fishing. I have the Simms model and the fold-over always gets in my way. When you are out in the woods for a while, the mittens can provide protection and help reduce the chance of frostbite. When I need to warm up my hands even while on the stream, I'll throw these on for a while until I warm up.

    My choice though is a no brainer. Fingerless wool, period. That amazing natural fiber was designed to be water resistant and insulate. Fleece does a pretty good job but I've found it to absorb more water than the wool. Wool gloves also dry out faster in my experience. They are thick enough without being constrictive and don't make it a challenge to tie knots while still providing a solid amount of warmth.

    It's also not a bad idea to carry multiple pair of gloves if you are fishing in foul weather so that when one pair gets wet, you can rotate to dry ones until the others dry out some. Hand warmers also help.

    One pair that I'd stay away from is the Simms Windstopper fingerless models. They only offered me comfort during the fall/early spring, whereas the wool gloves offer greater comfort in a wider range of temperatures. Plus have the aforementioned properties that I have come to appreciate.

    Seems the older I get, the more I am in line with Ard's comment: "When it is too cold for them to offer any comfort it is also usually cold enough that the icing of the rod and line put a stop to the festivities."

    Some days though I don't care how cold it is or how bad my line and rod will ice up and I just need to get out and into the water. If I'm lucky, I'm doing OK and able to fish and if not, I'm tossing around fly line that resembles clothes line due to icing and call it a day when I've had enough.


    Your post reminded me of the time when I was doing quite a bit of traveling through PA and Central/Eastern PA in particular. I made the trek down that hemlock lined road to the Woolrich store in Woolrich, PA. Man, what a cool drive and such a unique place with rich history tucked in the middle of nowhere!

    Sorry for the ramble guys.
    ~*~Leave only your footprints~*~

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    Default Re: Gloves--What's your preference??

    Quote Originally Posted by Diver Dan View Post
    You can ski naked if you have a good hat?
    I was under the assumption that there would be clothing involved or I would have started with a good base layer and some long underwear too maybe a beard and layer of chest hair as well.

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    Default Re: Gloves--What's your preference??

    Quote Originally Posted by Hardyreels View Post

    And Mike,

    It's really more about how you hold your mouth. Some have tried to tell me that the tongue position is what catches fish or completes a good cast but I tried it and went back to general mouth positioning
    Hell's Bells .....And I thought I was one of the rare few who knew that.
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    Default Re: Gloves--What's your preference??

    I got a pair of old(er) mountain hardware fleece gloves and just cut the fingers off that were all burned up from sloppily working around the camp fire (ouch!). I've got a pair of fleece bulky camo glommitts that I'm sure will make their way out to the water as it gets colder.

    I think I'll try the surgical (examination gloves/ OUCH!) under the full finger fleece gloves too. Neat idea!

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