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    Default Re: Gloves--What's your preference??

    Fingerless wool and I also have a pair of fingerless polypros; if it's real cold a couple of the chemical hand warmer packs in your pockets is a big help.


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    Default Re: Gloves--What's your preference??

    Well I went and picked them up from Cabelas they are nice, but sort of thin, I am taking an extra pair of gloves with me on my trip tomorrow, but I also just ordered the Fox River fingerless ones on Amazon, they look a lot thicker and have all great reviews minus one person who seem to have just got the wrong size yet blames the gloves.

    Also bought a big bag of hand warmers for 10 bucks. So will be using those most likely also

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    Default Re: Gloves--What's your preference??

    I looked at the Cabelas fingerless in store and thought they were light. Got a pair from Walmart Remington fingerless wool that have rubber grip dots on the palms and are really warm . They were cheaper than Cabelas and better made!
    I did buy the glove mitts from Cabelas for the really brutal days and put them right over the Walmart gloves! You can put handwarmers inside them and fold them out of the way when you need to use your fingers.
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    Default Re: Gloves--What's your preference??

    The Cabelas ones cost me about 8 bucks. I doubt I will use them after my Fox River ones come, but since I am leaving in a few hours now, shipping would take to long. I wore these in my car to go to work last night and they did pretty well, but they are still to thin for I think long periods of time outside. Especially since it is going to be in the 20s tomorrow in the early morning, but luckily will be getting close to 50 during the day..

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    Default Re: Gloves--What's your preference??

    Quote Originally Posted by Diver Dan View Post
    You can ski naked if you have a good hat?
    Or a large mustach you can wrap around your-self.

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    Default Re: Gloves--What's your preference??

    I wear the cabelas ragg wool gloves, they work for me, own two pairs, one for fishing, one for other activities like shooting, or back and forth to work. even wet, they will keep your hands warmer than no gloves at all. I also carry a hand warmer in my wading jacket pocket, for the really cold days. I gotta buy another pair of gloves though since my kid just stole my grey pair

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    Default Re: Gloves--What's your preference??

    Just discovered Ninja ice gloves and bought a pair. They are dipped so the glove is fully coated up to the wrist. Gloves is waterproof and seamless due to being fully coated. I think I will like them better than my scuba diving gloves being they are WAY cheaper and the scuba gloves eventually leak from being pulled on and off. If you guys buy these make sure you get the model number with FC in it. Cost between $10-15 with shipping depending on who you buy from.
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