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    im looking to get serious into flyfishing i got a cheap rod right now and it aint worth a **** i was wodering wat kind of rod and reel i can get for trout and bluegill for around 150 or more thats good i was told i would need a 7wt but i dont know wat kind of line would i need and gear and wat flys would be a good start so i can catch some trout any help much appreated

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    After much research, I got a 9' 5wt rod - it seems to be the recommendation for trout and the like.

    BUT, I am just like you - just starting out. I went with the 9' 5wt and love the rod.

    As far as other gear, you will need: a reel, line, backing, leader, tippet, and flies to get started (again, others more experienced will likely add to this list). I would also recommend some line nippers, a forecep-type thing for getting fish off, and a net. A fly box and something to carry all this gear in would be helpful too.

    As far as flies go, it depends on where you are located - everyone recommends talking to a local fly shop.

    my .02


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    I would say a 5wt or even a 4wt would definitely be a better choice for trout and bluegill than a 7wt. This would be a great choice- Echo 5wt fly rod fly fishing gear

    I'd rather hunt fish than bait deer any day.

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    i hoping for a good 2 pice for a beginner

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