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Thread: thank you pap!

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    Default thank you pap!

    here's my grandfathers purple heart....awarded in 1945....he gave it to me when i was 12.

    thank you to him and all our vets



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    Default Re: thank you pap!

    Wow! That was quite the gift and a great way to remember him and all the veterans who have served our great country!
    Thanks to all who have stepped up and served in the military!

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    Default Re: thank you pap!

    My Dad was in the Army during the Korean War. He was stationed in Germany and assigned the responsiblity of an MP to the General. Ironically, he was an immagrant from Greece who had joined up when he arrived in America. His skills of the English language were taught to him by the Army. Many years later, he would tell my nephew of whatever questions my nephew had. My nephew wrote aan essay on my Dad and received a scholarship to the university he now attends. Although God called my Dad home two years back, I was and am even now, proud he chose the military as his "start" to his citizenship. Vietnam ended in "74". I graduated high school in "75". I still, to this day, have my draft card. I was class 1A. My Dad did it, I would have too!

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    Default Re: thank you pap!

    such a great piece of family history for you to have.
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    Default Re: thank you pap!

    Thank you for the story Paul, if I had not been accepted to grad school I would have been the next in a line of military men on both sides of my family. Huge thanks to those who have served, do serve, and will serve in my place. I will always be grateful, no matter what public opinion at the times dictates!
    - A.J.

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