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    Default Winter brookies?

    I live in West Virginia. A friend of mine highlighted a few streams on a map for me that have brook trout. Winter is pretty much here but I'm itching to go out and find these streams. What patterns do you recommend for this time of year? As for the stream, I am guessing the water is a bit higher and more stirred up than usual from the 3 feet of snow melting in the mountains. I can make anything I just need to know what to tie up.


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    Default Re: Winter brookies?

    Typically the winter demands smaller, sparser patterns, while dingier water demands larger, darker patterns. However, from everything I've heard brookies are particularly partial to gaudier flies. Yay to variables causing contradictory demands. SO basically what I'm saying is, hopefully someone who knows better than I do weighs in on this thread, my experience with brook trout in particular is VERY limited.
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    Default Re: Winter brookies?

    Something orange. brookies love to attack things that are orange. they ruined so many orange humpys last fall when I was in the TN fishing for them.
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    Default Re: Winter brookies?

    I would also try chartreuse, they seem to love it.

    I would do a hopper dropper set up because winter brookies will still often take topwater (at least around here) and if nothing else the hopper is a strike indicator with a hook.

    Maybe a brightly colored stimi/hopper/humpy with a dropper of a chartreuse, red, or normal copper john. They also don't mind hare's ears in olive, black, and regular, as well as prince nymphs, zug bugs, soft hackles, and lightning bugs.

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    Default Re: Winter brookies?

    PM sent. What the guys said about orange , chartreuse and add red and copper . Good luck!
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    Default Re: Winter brookies?

    You might want to tye up some pink weennie's They work good around my brookies
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    Default Re: Winter brookies?

    I use an orange neversink caddis #16 all winter.

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    Default Re: Winter brookies?

    Having fished for Brookies in the eastern mountain streams, primary flies / strategies that have worked for me are:

    1) Presentation: Brookies are not selective, however they are extremely skittish, even the tip of your fly line going over them will scare them into their hiding holes.

    2) Hook sets: Better bring your fast twitch muscles, need to have a tight line and set the hook quickly since the strikes are so fast

    3) Takes: I have had the same Brookie come back and inspect the fly several times on successive drifts.

    4) Flies:
    Size 16 Orange or Yellow Stimulators
    Size 16 / 18 Yellow, Orange, Chantreuse Humpies
    Size 16 or 18 BHPT (dropped off the Stimmy)
    Size 16 Black or Orange foam beetle with a parachute style post
    Size 16 or 18 black parachute ant
    Size 6 - 10 streamer / wet fly with Orange, Black, Red or Yellow colors.

    Good luck & stay off the redds since Brookies spawn in Fall - early Winter (depending on the weather pattern).

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