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    Default Re: As The 2012 Season Winds Down, How Was It?

    My 2012 has been great so far and it's still going strong. I Got my best Steelhead to date and my best Striper on the fly in the first half of the year. The second half(last third actually) has been filled with many 50-60 fish days(Striper) and alot of decent size fish(4-5lb LMB, and 7-10lb Striper). But the big fish are just getting into the Delta so I should have good fishing through the end of the year. I couldn't imagine having to wait out the winter to wet a line.... I get cabin fever if the boat hasn't seen the ramp for a week.

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    turbineblade Guest

    Default Re: As The 2012 Season Winds Down, How Was It?

    My best season ever....especially since I started fly fishing in 2012 . And my wife fishes with me! That's worth everything.

    Caught more bluegill than I can recall, some bass, yellow perch, a catfish, and a nile tilapia -- good year.

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    Default Re: As The 2012 Season Winds Down, How Was It?

    Pretty good year for trout in NH.

    Whether I was fishing for native brookies and a few native rainbows in small mountain streams or stockers (brookies/rainbows/browns) in larger water, I always found them.

    Many days I caught a mixture of brook trout, rainbows and browns in the same water. Made it fun not knowing what you'd see next.

    Late in the season I found that the beaver pond that's partly on my land was loaded with largemouth bass and pickerel. Who knew?

    Introduced my 11 year old grandson to fly fishing. Was amazed at how quickly he picked up casting.

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  7. Default Re: As The 2012 Season Winds Down, How Was It?

    Every year since I started fly fishing has been memorable but this year was probably amongst the best. I focused mainly on great tailwaters in my area - fished 99% "dry" - and it was probably my most productive year in terms of fish caught - including a few that hit the 20'" plus mark. I didn't tie on any fly to my tippet that I did not tie myself - and this year I discovered first hand how well ants and beetles can produce. In addition - I dare say I am starting to get almost as excited about flytying ...and in particular experimenting with new ideas and creations - as actually fishing. Though nothing will ever compare to actually being on the river.

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    Almost forgot the most important thing......I turned my girlfriend into my "trout spotter" on a few occasions. I've set her up on some "spectator friendly" river her into a nice comfortable chair with a bottle of champagne or wine - and she enjoys watching me fishing - and also tries to spot rising trout for me. she actually asked me one day when I plan on taking her back because in her words "I'm kind of jonesing to see some action"...

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    Default Re: As The 2012 Season Winds Down, How Was It?

    All in all a good year. Successful in terms of exploring new places, beautiful scenery, quiet time alone and hungry trout. Challenging in terms of low, clear water and too many hot sunny days. 80+ days on the water and counting; Iowa's season doesn't close. Heading out again today and tomorrow.

    But by far the best trip of the year was a camping trip with my 12 year old daughter in late September. She caught three chubs and three rainbows all on her own; cast, hookset and landed. I carried a rod but didn't even fish, that was the best trip of the year.

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    okuma Guest

    Default Re: As The 2012 Season Winds Down, How Was It?

    Well Mr. Mustachio, since you asked, this my best season ever. From late March until the 3rd week of June, the river I fish was amazing in smallie's. June especially, brought me the most. Near 70 in a three week span. Two six pounders in the same week. Early September, the white bass and skipjacks turned on. From then till early October, I released up around 500 white bass and skippie's combined. After that...nothing. Knee surgery. The majority of white bass were caught on various white clouser/krystal flash patterns I tie. Mostly all the skipjacks I caught were on white/silver poppers. BTW...the correct name for skippie's is...Skipack Herring. Ohio River is loaded with them.

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    Default Re: As The 2012 Season Winds Down, How Was It?

    Like other folks has said this year was wacky heat/weather wise. The hatches came early and once the petered out so did the flow. Fall has been pretty good so far but for other reasons this year has turned out to be a good one. In less than 3 hours I jump in the car to head down to the Valley and pick up my 6wt and a few fish! What poor fishing conditions came with this season has been more than made up for with what I've learned so I think its been a fair balance.
    Oh I live to be the ruler of life not a slave

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    Default Re: As The 2012 Season Winds Down, How Was It?

    I've been obsessed with saltwater fly fishing for ages and before that it was bass so it's been a long time since I've had a fishing season that focused on trout. I coulda/shoulda fished more but when I got out, I had plenty good fun
    We didn't have the drought conditions that plagued other parts of the country, in fact except for a period of about 3 weeks, it rained a lot. And that made for some good stream conditions.
    For at least 15 years my fishing partner and I have spent our spring trip fishing the Cape Cod surf and flats. This year I convinced him to try someplace different and while we nearly got washed away, we had a great time.

    The simpler the outfit, the more skill it takes to manage it, and the more pleasure one gets in his achievements. --- Horace Kephart

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    Default Re: As The 2012 Season Winds Down, How Was It?

    Ard: Another great post! This was a much different year for me, I retired, sold the house and moved from the east side of Wyoming to the west side. I had a lot of exploring of new water and like the others have said had to deal with the drought conditions that plagued most of the U.S. The low water shutdown the ability to float the local streams early so I did a fair amount of wading this year, but the positive of all that was that I had the best dry fly fishing in years. Being retired, I was able to get out quite a bit, and don't plan on stopping fishing any time soon as I have the tailwaters at Fontenelle, Flaming Gorge and Palisades dams to fish below once everything else freezes up.....just plan on layering up and getting some good use out of the neoprene waders. Here is a summary of my fishing:
    --trip up to Montana to fish the Missouri River above Helena in the spring
    --Bighorn River, WY.....two different floats one in the spring and then late in the summer.
    --New Fork River float (here in town)
    --Green River here in town, two floats and multiple days wading.
    --Green River below Fonenelle Reservoir, mulitple trips wading.
    --No Tellum' Spring Creek over by Swan Valley, ID with my good friend Kelly from the forum. It's always a great trip when we get a chance to fish together.
    --South Fork of the Snake float trip in the spring with Davo from the forum.
    --Boulder Lake, Soda Lake (twice) and Willow skunked on each lake.
    --Meadow Lake for Grayling
    --Fontenelle Reservoir in the spring at ice out.
    --Four day horse trip into the Winds fishing for Cutties, boy was that a fun trip!
    --Private ranch just outside Pinedale (it definitely pays to know the right people!)
    --Guild Ranch (pay to fish for trophy fish) near Ft Bridger, WY
    --North Platte river float trip on the Grey Reef section with ScoobySteve from the forum, just a fantastic day fishing with another forum member.
    --Boulder creek...good opportunity to breakout the 3 wt and the Cordel auto-reel that JP was so kind to give to me.
    --Private bass pond near Longmont, CO fishing with my 5 year old grandson, another great trip!
    --Yellowstone NP fishing an un-named stream in the fall! That is definitely on my bucket list for next year.

    Best day of all was fishing with my grandson and seeing his face when he lands a nice smallmouth or crappie:

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    Default Re: As The 2012 Season Winds Down, How Was It?

    wow larry!
    thats quite a list



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