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    Default Re: As The 2012 Season Winds Down, How Was It?

    Quote Originally Posted by mrl0004 View Post

    I fished a canyon here in Alabama that I have never fished, or even seen before. I caught some striking redeye bass (Micropterus coosae) while there amidst some wonderful scenery.
    I was there for the 3rd saturday of October, judging from the pictures it looks like you were there around the same time. Personally, could only buy a bite on a white wooly bugger, they made a point of ignoring everything else. Little river canyon really does compare to some of the western rivers as far as grandeur.

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    Default Re: As The 2012 Season Winds Down, How Was It?

    Wow great tread Hardy, many many good times had by all. For me it was a water mark in fishing. I landed my first mako on a 15 wt. this year, I've hooked many but never brought one to the boat. It was the very best year for steelheading, caught many 20+lb. fish and my granddaughter caught and released her very first bass on fly all by her self ( she's 7 ). I fished over 250 days so far and there still is a month to go. I'd say it has been the very best year for me also.
    There is nothing like Wild Trout ,Timber Rattlers and Cowboy coffee.

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  5. Default Re: As The 2012 Season Winds Down, How Was It?

    Another great year on the fly as my son, Bryan, now 16, continues to feed his passion and obsession for fly fishing - I occasionally get on a fish as well -

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    Default Re: As The 2012 Season Winds Down, How Was It?

    Wow, some very nice fish, congrats!


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    Default Re: As The 2012 Season Winds Down, How Was It?

    2012 was a good year... especially the beginning.. can't complain when snow is not an issue getting streamside and the average day in jan/feb was well above freezing.. and then there was being able to fish warmwater species in march because the mississippi thawed incredibly early with no rise in water levels.. making for amazing bass and pike action... The year progressed even better as I successfully put together my first fly fishing competition.. and can't wait to do it all over again next year

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    Default Re: As The 2012 Season Winds Down, How Was It?

    All together it looks like our membership had a good 2012. There were low water issues, heat waves, wild fires and floods but somehow people who fly fish find the best possible places to be no matter what. The beginning of my story about 2012 took way more space than a thread here will allow you to post. because of that I made an entry on the forum blog pages called 'Trouble In Paradise', it ended up being a 4 part post with 40 pictures I think. I am going to add more to it by posting the pictures and the rest of the post 100 year flood story from my part of Alaska there.

    All in all I could complain but it would do me no good. I am looking forward to the ice going out at the end of April or early May and I'll be back on those rivers with a passion. Over the winter I have a whole bunch of work to do on our cabin out beyond Skwentna to take up my time. If I stay busy once I get out there things should be pretty nice on the inside by spring.


    Anywhere can be the land of great expectations, broken dreams, or paradise found, it's all up to you.

    Life On The Line - Alaska Fishing with Ard
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    Default Re: As The 2012 Season Winds Down, How Was It?

    While I didn't get to do a ton of fishing this year...I consider it a great year for a couple of reasons. I've further entrenched myself in my passion for all things fly fishing. Its been over 2 years since I picked up my spin tackle. I started tying my own flies, which is rewarding on so many levels. I caught my first smallie ever and it just happened to be on a fly rod, on my first wooley bugger that I tied.

    My casting has improved by leaps and bounds. The piece de resistance was picking up an 8wt rod that will finally let me hit the saltwater flats of NC as well as the steelhead runs of WNY.

    Great year....looking forward to an even better year in 2013!

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    Default Re: As The 2012 Season Winds Down, How Was It?

    well, my single handed snap-T still needs some work, but otherwise it was a good year.

    Drought and low flows had me on carp and bass most of the summer instead of trout. Finally got some carp this year and figured out how to repeat the performance with some regularity. In Colorado, there is probably no single better fish to scrutinize one's cast than a carp. Aim improved, distance improved, presentation improved; my knees don't tremble as much when I cast at large fish now And the practice might give me a fighting chance at bonefish, reds, or tarpon down the road.

    I got to put some of that casting practice to work in Mexico and the keys, and caught my first bonefish and barracuda. Seeing a tarpon cruise by still makes my knees quiver though...

    Summer trout were found at altitude this year. Backpacking and hiking to remote lakes and streams made for wonderful brookie and cutthroat fishing. Getting away from the crowded tailwaters and 'gold medal' waters was nice; and a return to what fly fishing is really supposed to be (i.e. no combat fishing at all)!

    Fall fishing had me back on the trout when possible, and I broke a new personal best in a very unlikely and small stream.

    This year was also done entirely on my own flies, which have improved immensely over the last year and a half. Thanks to the other tiers here for great ideas.

    Now to find a job before that student researcher/teaching assistant paycheck runs out!

    Instagram page @tblom77

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    Default Re: As The 2012 Season Winds Down, How Was It?

    I had many great times fishing the rivers around my town. I floated many times saw a lot of big fish caught and caught a lot of big fish. But the best trip was a five day pack trip into the wind river range with my uncle and cousin. Catching large lake cuts and tons of brookies. I also saw one of the largest goldens caught that I have seen. Now I have a couple months left of bird hunting then on to fishing our tail water for the winter.
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