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  1. Default Worldwide shipment for a french

    Hello everybody !
    I'm new on these forum.
    I'm French
    I search to buy somme materials in America.
    I just want to now if you can say to me where i can buy hooks or flytying.
    I am looking for a web site that do worldwide shipment.

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    Default Re: Worldwide shipment for a french

    Check out of the sponsors of this sight, Orvis has an amazing stock of tying marerials, also you could look at Blue ribbon flies in West Yellowstone, they usually carry high quality materials.

  3. Default Re: Worldwide shipment for a french

    Aside from the site sponsors, you can probably save a lot of $ (francs ;o) on or if there's a - mainly due to the cost of shipping overseas.

    There's a lot of gear available (rods, reels, waders, line, etc.), and the qty. forces the sellers to stay competitive price wise. And now is a good time to shop online (ebay and otherwise) since many dealers/shops/wholesalers are closing out their 07 inventory.

    Just on (USA version) - there are almost 10,000 items - just in the 'fly fishing' sections.

    I've also had some good luck on - searching for gear all over the place (Montana, Utah, Idaho, etc.) but the sellers/buyers on craigslist can be a little strange sometimes.

    Good luck.

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