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    Default Re: Sweet Brook Trout Soft Shell Jacket!

    its all perspective i guess.... lol

    "When the river is high, the fish eat the ants; when the river is low, the ants eat the fish."

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    Default Re: Sweet Brook Trout Soft Shell Jacket!

    I'd like to see a hat with the Brook trout design on it ! That would be sweet!
    "I was born to fish" Lee Wulff
    "There's more B.S. in fly fishing then there is in a Kansas feedlot." Lefty Kreh
    " It ain't over till it's over." Yogi Berra
    "Your not old,you've simply acquired a patina." Swirlchaser

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    Default Re: Sweet Brook Trout Soft Shell Jacket!

    There's a killer brookie buff coming out soon, along with a steelhead buff. I designed them as part of a "signature series" for the boys at Fishbum. I don't know when they'll be dropping that one but it's pretty sweet. Due to copyright and non-disclosure agreement I can't post "teaser" pics of them.

    I'll talk to them about doing hats.

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