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Thread: Vintage Flies ;

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    Hi Kevin,

    Yes I still have the rod but that particular CFO was one of the limited edition types and for some reason their value skyrocketed in 2007. I watched them sell for a couple weeks and then sold all 3 of mine. I still have a CFO IV that is in as new condition but the one (a CFO III) in the picture was sold for $382...............

    Back when they were introduced they didn't sell well and I bought a set in or about 1996 for 120 dollars each. When the opportunity to triple the value came around I couldn't help myself, I sold them. I believe the gold rush was caused by word that Orvis was to shift production from BFR (England) to Asia. Between the time that I sold those CFO reels and the next 12 months the same thing happened with Hardy reels and I sold 17 of them. Although I sent some tackle away that had served well, I did all of this way before e - auction and the P bank consolidated themselves. In essence that means that I did not pay the current & absorbent 11.3% that they take on every sale. I think it was around 4.5 or 5% back then. If it would have been at todays rates I never would have sold the reels.

    One of the other contributing influence was that I do so much fishing for salmon here that having a stock full of light trout reels did not make sense. I used proceeds from the reels to fund the Nikon camera and all those lens's that I use today along with quite a few salmon reels. If I ever move to the lower 48 I imagine there will be a bunch of salmon reels for sale one day also

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    It is hard to find proper Bivisible hackles anymore. The superb dry fly hackles from Metz, Hoffman, etc. have a uniform length of barb. The Bivisible calls for a taper of the barb length from short at the bend of the hook to longest at the eye. For that, most of our hackles in the 1960's were perfect - webby and tapered - fine for bivisibles.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jpbfly View Post
    As I've been sick for two days...I stayed at home...and had time to tie two vintage flies.I tried to tie them in the oldschool way I mean with some old indian capes.
    the"Paysanne"(peasant) is a very simple fly made with two hackles (usually dun and brown)You turn them as far as the curve and make a knot...the two hackle tips are the tail...

    the French Tricolore...was created long ago by Henri Bresson (the Vesoul Wizzard) easy to tie with hackles of three different colors.It floats high,is visible,great on overgrown sections for it doesn't get stuck in trees and bushes as easily as other flies...and still catches fish
    JP: Very nice work, I really like the looks of that tricolor!


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