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    Default What I have learned/made in the pasty 24 hours

    Last night at 2:30 i got a great idea for a knotless leader. using the same tactic in producing a knotless loop on a fly line One can do the same to different sections of a leader. line two inches of each leader piece against each other. wrap them both together with thread and voila sally hansons works great to increase strength. If requested i will post pictures sometime this week
    Also a half and half clouser can improved by replacing the top bunch of bucktail with a rabbit strip.

    Also does any one know of any good saltwater rabbit strip flies?

    Lastly sharkskin is awesome!

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    Default Re: What I have learned/made in the pasty 24 hours

    Not sure what you are fishing for in the salt, or where, but a guide that fishes the Indian River and Mosquito lagoon likes this simple fly that has a rabbit tail that he calls a simple redfish worm.

    Really really easy tie.
    Less likey, more green dots

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