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    Default Re: Would you have 2 rods?? question for you all

    Quote Originally Posted by delopez View Post
    I live in MO and I fish the streams. Where do I start. You have the North Fork of the White, Norfork, Niangua river, Current river, Of course, you have Tany. Also, you have Crooked creek, Buffalo river, Spring river, Roaring river, Dry run creek. I like fishing the rivers rather than the parks. If you want more info, PM me and I'll let you know more about it. We can get into Arkansas too, if you want.

    These are just the places that I know that have trout. There are many small-mouth streams, also.
    Quote Originally Posted by itchmesir View Post
    I'm not sure where im MO you live. But this older fellow that works the Fly Fishing area at the Cabelas in StL was very helpful and informative when I went down there 2 summers ago.. I went and fished Little Piney I believe it was called.. not a very little stream by any means.. but I think it was a 2 hr drive south of StL... at the time a lot of the streams in the StL area were blown out due to lots of rain.. But I know there is no shortage of great fishing down that way as I have a buddy that is from MO and was a hardcore trouter down that way..
    Both you guys forgot Crane creek and Mill, which is my new favorite, and Blue Springs which flows opposite my hunting property. There are trout within the STL county limits, but you need to be on the up and up to know them and get access to them. The blue ribbon waters are totally the place to go, they make the trout parks look like garbage.

    To answer your question though, keep the BVK and get the One. I would see if the place you're buying from has any Circas, I liked that rod WAY more then the One. I have considered selling my TCX to get a Circa I liked it that much.
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    Default Re: Would you have 2 rods?? question for you all

    Every rod need a backup. Keep it!
    When I bought my last rod, the guy at the store asked me if there was anything else I needed. I said, "Oh, I'm way past need and well into want!"

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  4. Default Re: Would you have 2 rods?? question for you all

    I'd be embarrassed to tell you how many rods I own, but I enjoy casting them and fish most of them. But in the last two years I've fished my Scott S4 8 ft. 3 wt' (A4 is cheaper and as good; my wife uses a 4 wt. A4) more than any others. You might want to consider a quality 3 wt.

    Before you buy a Sage One, cast it or at least be sure of the return policy. While I love Sage products (most of my rods are Sage Z-axis), not everyone likes the One. A fly rod is such a personal thing. Apart from being fast, slow, progressive, every quality rod has its own feel and pricetag.

  5. Default Re: Would you have 2 rods?? question for you all

    If you enjoy it, keep it. I have a dozen or so rods and have only sold two. One was a TFO Finesse which i hated, and one was a 2 piece 8wt that i had not fished in a decade. If you continue on fishing you may end up with lots of rods, 10 years from now you will grab that first rod out of the pile and fish it while fondly remember your first days fly fishing.

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    Default Re: Would you have 2 rods?? question for you all

    id keep it you probably wont get that much for it and living in mo that 5wt would make a pretty nice small creek smallmouth rod streamers small poppers and such.

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    Default Re: Would you have 2 rods?? question for you all

    I would have 2. I usually carry two rods on the river, one set up with a nymph set and the other with a streamer or dries depending on the time of year and weather conditions.
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    Default Re: Would you have 2 rods?? question for you all

    The SAGE one is not much more than a more expensive, heavier version of a BVK.

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    Default Re: Would you have 2 rods?? question for you all

    Buy a Sage circa much better dry fly rod !

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