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Thread: Leader problems

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    Default Leader problems

    Hey all! Had a great day of fishing the other day using an olive wooly bugger. While I was out I noticed a few fish coming to the surface and gently slurping something ( I never could see what). Just for curiosity sake I tied on a royal stimulater just to see if they would be curious. Along with this fly change came a change to a longer leader. It was an umpqua 3x 10 ft tapered leader. The fly was a size 12. The problem I ran into was the leader wanting to remain coiled due to its packaging and therefore not presenting my fly properly. Does anyone have any advice for remedying this problem should I encounter it again?

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    I never really liked those straighteners but I just start at the butt and stretch it by hand in probably 3' sections till I'm at the tippet. If I don't get it first time around try again till its how I want it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kayo View Post
    These work well. Or you can cut a piece of innertube and use that. Not so stylish but just as effective. Pinch the leader between the two pieces and pull it through, straightening it.

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    When I use to use tapered mono leaders I used a leader straightener. I felt fine using it on the lower parts of the leader but got concerned the heat generated was weakening the tippet section, so would straighten those by hand as wt suggested.
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    Default Re: Leader problems

    I've been using these the past couple of years and really like them because of the dual use.

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    Yep. Just 'stretch' any new leader by tugging it (never used a 'leader straightener') from the butt section out before tying it on. After that, the act of casting will straighten it enough.

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    get yourself some furled leaders
    really though, those leader straighteners are ok, but a quick stretch will work fine.



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    Furled leaders. You will forever forsake mono.

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    If you unwrap the new leader from the thick end out and then pull the leader, one section at a time, through your hand with enough tension on it to create a little heat as it slides through your hand and then hold that stretch for a short while until the leader section cools most coils will be gone. On the thicker butt sections it might take another pass or two but I've had all but the oldest or thickest leaders straighten this way.
    I read an article on the rubber straighteners overheating the leader material and making it far weaker than it is rated at. I've not found the need for one in an awful long time once I had the hand straightening trick down pat.
    Before buying anything else to straighten your leaders try the hand stretch trick. It works and it's pretty darn cheap! Even if you opt for using nothing but furled leaders which straighten easily and readily, it is nice to have staight tippet material to tie onto them.

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