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Thread: Rod tube design

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    Hey guys, just recently purchased a raft with a fishing frame and the one down side to a raft is there are no rod holders. I've got a pretty good idea for use with a peice of pipe, where I'm stuck is finding something that I can put inside of the pipe, to keep the rods from getting scraped up. Any ideas?

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    I am assuming you mean long piece of pipe that would hold the rods assembled? In that case I would go to a fabric store and get some nice soft material that wouldn't snag, and be thick enough to provide a nice buffer, then find a friend with a sowing machine to make a tube out of it for me. Then I'd slide it the whole way through the tube and kind of roll it over the ends to make a cloth lined tube.

    Og course I may be way off the mark here......

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    You can find pipe insulation the same place that you'd get the PVC for the rod holders

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    Are you planning on PVC or metal pipe?

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    Scotty makes a GLUE ON MOUNT for attaching to pontoons, etc that will accept their rod holders.

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    If you have a frame, I'd go with Scotty holders and mounts. Just google up Scotty fishing.
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    What i did for my raft was a 4" pvc pipe then ripped a 1 1/2"gap down the length of it. On the underside where the pipe sits on my raft frame i slotted 2 holes so the buckle straps secure the pipe without interferring with the 1 1/2" gap to lay my rods in. At one end of the pipe 8" from end i slotted a cut on halfside of pipe and heated the pvc and bent it down to lay flat like a tray for reel to lay when attached to flyrod. Bought some 1/4" soft felt from Joannes fabric store and glued it in. All i need is a patent #...jk. Sorry no pics! But if you can picture this style through my description it works awesome and is easier than stuffing your rods through one end of the pipe.

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