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Thread: Opinions please ?

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    Default Opinions please ?

    Please critique if you wish. I already see the peacock dubbing body on the upper fly appears a tad thick. I really am trying to spin dubbing thinner. I should have used natural hurl and I see that now. I think I got the dubbing on the lower fly a good bit thinner than I was doing. Still could slim down some.

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    Default Re: Opinions please ?

    I am no expert fly tier so I'd take this as you wish (keep in mind I can't really see straight right now as I have been up since 4am working on a final for my Physical Features of Ecosystems Class).
    Proportions are just a tad off I think, otherwise it's a good fly and should work. First the tails on both are a smidge too long...A good rule of thumb is to make sure they are approximately the length of the hook shaft from the eye to the bend of the hook. The thorax/Hackle part is also a little to long and by extending the body/dubbing a little and using a couple less wraps of the hackle should solve that. Otherwise, good stuff so far!

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    Default Re: Opinions please ?

    agree with above.
    For the tippet tail, select the smallest tippets for the hook; this will give black bars which are closer together and thus not give the disproportionate appearance. Plus, you'll be able to tie the inner bar closer to the bend of the hook, which will also help with appearance.

    One mistake folks always make is to select the biggest or easiest to handle material for the job the want Remember, always use materials that fit the hook naturally - dont use bigger feathers and try to make them fit, because that will throw everything out of whack.

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    Default Re: Opinions please ?

    +1 to the above, that said, that Puppy will float like a cork.
    When wealth is lost, nothing is lost; when health is lost, something is lost; when character is lost, all is lost. - Billy Graham"

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    Default Re: Opinions please ?

    I'm gonna go ahead and disagree with what's been said so far. That fly will fish well in riffles and pocket water and float a dropper no problem. Then when all else fails and fish don't seem to be looking up skate it across a flat or skitter it around likely holding spots and be ready for a wild strike. While I wouldn't tie up a whole pack of hooks in that style its good to have some extra bushy flies in the box for skating. Fish see alot of the same flies over and over through the course of a season and if you offer them something they haven't seen or present it in a different way, it can end up being the skunk breaker on an otherwise fishless day.
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    Default Re: Opinions please ?

    If it catches fish who cares, I've tied flys that look like an experiment gone wrong but!!!! they catch fish. My latest one is a tube fly called the American, Scots Irish intruder vindacator teminator . I dont know if it will catch fish but it just might.

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