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Thread: Rig advice

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    Whats the best way to attach tippet to leader for presenting dry flies, Would i use a blood knot

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    Hi Rover,

    The Blood Knot is the best choice but it is hard to tie on the stream. The Double Surgeon knot is much easier to tie but it is a bit more bulky. My favorite method is to take a new tapered leader and cut off all but about six inches of the tippet. I tie a small Perfection Loop in the leader. To add tippet I just take some tippet and tie a small Perfection Loop in one end and loop the two loops together. Now it is simple to add more tippet as I need it.


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    There are several methods to do this.

    1- Blood knot. A blood knot is strong and secure but not the easiest to tie. Also good for leaving a tag to attach a fly for a dropper rig ( you leave a tag of the heavier line). When tying go one wrap less on the heavier line.

    2- Surgeons knot. This is an easier knot to tie. Can be either a double or triple. I prefer the triple.

    As with any knot, lube well, and pull-up slowly. This reduces the heat caused by friction. When tying tippet more than two sizes different than your leader(say your leader is about 3x tippet is 6x), tie in a piece of 4x or 5x first, then the 6x. If you want it to layout the best go all three (4x, 5x, 6x).

    By the time you hit the river, knots need to be perfected. Practice sitting on the couch (as a kid my gramma caught me doing this in church) watching the tube. Use the knot that YOU can tie the fastest. They are both strong.

    I use a triple surgeons knot.

    fish or DIE

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    I use a double surgeons for mono to mono, triple for fluoro to mono.

    I'd rather hunt fish than bait deer any day.

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