Jim Murphy is Running for one of the 9 seats open for the Affta board!!
HTF is this "news"? Is he the "editors" boyfriend?? there are 25 other people running, none of there names are mentioned, but you have a article on ONE specific person?

Please!! I am sure he is going to win without having to advertise to sway the vote!! Now I hope he DOESN'T get one of those 9 seats, this sure makes him look horrible. So when are you running the other 25 stories of the other 25 people running for AFFTA? When they are paid sponsors and send in a PR release?

Murphy runs for AFFTA
Font size: Editor 19/07/2010 08:42:00
American Fly Fishing Trade Association
Jim Murphy, President of Hardy North America is running for a seat on the Board at AFFTA. There are 26 candidates nominated in the most successful solicitation of candidates in AFFTA's history.

Ballots are being sent out to AFFTA members soon. There are nine spots, each members vote will be important.

Jim has been working in the fly fishing industry for nearly 20 years. His candidacy comes at a time when AFFTA is joining with its membership to build a new industry that will thrive in the changing market conditions. Jim says. "I believe it is essential to preserve the independent fly fishing retailer. We have seen the experiment of the multidoor fly shops fall short on customer service, outreach and keeping someone on the floor who knows something about fly fishing. We need to work with the independents to increase their market share and maintain the service required to bring customers to the water."

Jim is currently President of Hardy North America, overseeing the reintroduction of Hardy and the first introduction of Greys and Chub products to the US marketplace. He started in the industry in 1992 as Operations Manager at Thomas and Thomas. He went on to found Redington and Albright tackle companies. He has always been optimistic about the future of the fly fishing industry and believes the best times are still ahead.