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    Default Collecting as a result of fly fishing?

    Has anyone found themselves collecting certain vintage or antique items as a result of fly fishing? Perhaps certain materials as a result of tying?
    I ended up collecting a lot of chicken skins of wildly different colours even though the feather quality was not awesome the skins were cool. I also collect some exotic feathers but I do look for the source beforehand. As far a fly fishing goes, my collection is pretty ecclectic. No one thing and I do not and cannot collect expensive items. I like finding flies and equipment from days past that have obviously seen use, there is something about knowing another like minded person from many years back had spent time on the water with whatever I happened to be buying.
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    Default Re: Collecting as a result of fly fishing?

    I've taken to collecting older 30s and 40s model Medalists but I couldn't just let them sit on a self or case so I fish them. I have to admit though since I fish them the collecting kinda took a back seat but I always try to see if I can't pick up another. Nowadays the price of the older models with sculpted pillars and metal latch covers has gone up quite a bit and my latest undertaking has put all my collecting at bay for now.
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    Default Re: Collecting as a result of fly fishing?

    I tell myself that I'm not a collector but I'm always on the lookout for Phillipson fiberglass rods.
    I've got quite a few other glass rods as well. Nothing expensive, just casual hording.

    I guess I have more than my share of Medalist reels too
    The simpler the outfit, the more skill it takes to manage it, and the more pleasure one gets in his achievements.” --- Horace Kephart

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    Default Re: Collecting as a result of fly fishing?

    I have over 1,500 vintage fishing lures, mostly pre-1950. Started collecting many years ago before it became a fad, now I have mostly lost interest. Very rare to finding a good lure unless willing to pay retail plus on the e place and most of the stuff I like is selling for hundreds. Will probably start selling all but those with special memories before long and put the dough into the retirement account.

    Here of late my focus has been on building my fly tying material collection and searching for just the right desk for a fly tying station. May have found the desk just a few days ago and will get to go see it on my way home. As Paul Harvey was so fond of saying "Stand by for NEWS"

    I was going fly fishing until my wife suggested it, now I can't tell who is outsmarting who!

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    Default Re: Collecting as a result of fly fishing?

    I'm not a collector , but I did pick up a Perrine Automatic Fly Reel not too long ago. First reel my dad gave me and I gave it to a friend. Sits on my fly tying bench.

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    Default Re: Collecting as a result of fly fishing?

    If I had unlimited funds I could see myself collecting reels; as it is I have 8 Hardy reels but I try to make sure all the reels I own are fished at least a few times per year, if not, I sell them.
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    Default Re: Collecting as a result of fly fishing?

    I'm going to be moving around too much over the next few years or else I would. My Mom is an antique dealer and restores fine art, so I guess that leads me a little bit towards collecting things. Fortunately, fly fishing gear has historically had a high degree of artistry and normally lends itself easily to collecting older items.

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    Default Re: Collecting as a result of fly fishing?

    I am not a collector either, but I have purchased every fly tying material that I think I MIGHT use. I also have rods & reels that have not been used and I should not have purchased. Yup I have issues...

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  13. Default Re: Collecting as a result of fly fishing?

    I have a severe case of GAS (Gear Acquisition Syndrome) which manifests itself in books on fly fishing, old fly reels - from the skeleton "60 yd" reels, through the Johnson Magnetics, old silk lines (which I would restore and fish), old flies, cane rods, wood rods, even a few fiberglass rods... yup, it's GAS alright.
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    Default Re: Collecting as a result of fly fishing?

    I've amassed quite a collection of tying materials, none of which are exotic and darn near all of which I've used at one time or another. It's not that I'm specifically collecting these materials, it just happens.

    I am however starting to collect some vintage fly reels. I have two Hardys (LRH Lightweight and St. John) and one CFO 123 that I absolutely love to fish with. Just as you touched on Kerry, it's the connection to the past and the simplicity that really makes me appreciate fishing and collecting these reels. What's interesting to me is that I don't mind a little rash or signs of wear on them, where as with more contemporary reels I am seeking mint/like new or brand new reels. Go figure. Some of the most beautiful reels I've seen are pre-war perfects, with the leading worn and in some cases gone.
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