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    Default Most Memorable Fish of 2012

    Many have talked about their biggest fish of the year, but what was your most memorable? Too often we find ourselves in the hunt for the biggest beastie whenever we go out. Some even measure their success by whether they caught the biggest fish of the day or not, etc.. Most of the time the trip and the fishing and everything that make up the day or days on the water truly define success.

    Therefore, perhaps your most memorable fish was the one that got away, or a miniscule creek brookie that you fooled by sneaking up on your belly to the stream side. Your most memorable may very well be the biggest fish you caught and that's okay, but we're talking about the most memorable not necessarily the biggest fish you caught this past year.

    So, share with us your fishing memories of 2012 and give us all something to look forward to while we pass this winter away.

    Here is my most memorable. It's a beast of a brown trout that I managed to fool on my favorite spring creek this past spring. I was there with my son, Mike, and his buddy, Ryan. We hit the water early and it was still quite cold for the season. The bite was on from the get-go, and we managed to catch a few very nice fish. This particular brute had been porpoising upstream for a while, with a few times that he outright left the water completely and crashed back in as he was chasing some unknown prey.

    I struggle a bit now on the spring because of my fused ankle and lack of mobility I once had along with the gooey mud bottom that sucks you down and won't let you go. I have to avoid those areas that have that kind of muddy bottom and seek out areas of solid bottom that will allow me freer movement so I don't end up losing my balance and getting into trouble. Due to this, I was in a crumby spot to get my cast in front of that big brown.

    I was finally able to maneuver just a bit closer and unloaded a killer cast that put my parasol indicator and nymph rig right where it needed to be. I watched the parasol drift for just a moment when it disappeared completely. I set the hook and was into a very big fish, and I supposed it was the one I had been seeing for the last hour or so.

    He took me upstream, downstream, and mid-stream. He tried to hang me up in the weeds, but I was able to coax him free and the fight continued. Finally I was able to bring him to net and what a fish he was. Magnificently colored, a big male brown trout resident of this particular spring and the reason we keep coming back. He never did get me into my backing, but he certainly gave a good battle. He taped out at just a tad over 23-inches, and had shoulders and girth to make him a true trophy in anybody's eyes. To me though, I was able to fool him with a fly that I had tied (#14 Bead-head, Flashback Pheasant-tail), and with a method for fishing spring creeks that I had developed using the Parasol Emerger (not much credit for "developing" a method, it's just a way to be more successful on this type of water). I was using 5X Rio tippet (which I use most everywhere I fish and in most circumstances).

    My sons and I, along with their friends, all caught a lot of fish this past year, even though my time on the water has been cut down by about two-thirds as in the past. All trips were memorable, mostly because I was with my son or sons on the water and that makes any trip more memorable for me. There were a lot of standout fish, but this one made quite an impression on me for the year and one I recall often as I play him again and again in my mind.

    Here he is:

    And here is the same type fly I caught him on:

    Now it's your turn to share with us your most memorable fish or fishing experience of the past year.

    I'm looking forward to what evolves here. Good luck and have fun!

    Best Fishes,

    I fish, therefore I am - but I gotta go to work first..."piscari ergo sum"

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    Didn't get to go out much this year, but one trip, my friend and I heard of a good float on the New. Well we knew it wasnt to far driving distance, so we did no research on the actual kayaking distance. It was a 16 mile float!!!! It was horrible!!!!! Neither of us expected it. We both didn't pack lunches and it took us from 7am to 6ish pm to do it, and that was literally paddling the last 3/4s. There was a hella thunderstorm when we were at about 85% completion, so we pulled to the side and waited it out. Also nobody told us about a set of stealth class 3s, my friend tipped over, and lost one of his brand new Crocs, rod, also one of my ratchet straps. It was such a dreadful trip, I caught the biggest of the day so dinner and beer was on my friend.
    Here she is, and my friend is in the background. I will never forget this trip! Also, that same night, a guy was murdered on the river bank where we pulled out of, pretty sketch area, but good fishing, just dont let the sun set on you.

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    Default Re: Most Memorable Fish of 2012

    Well, it was the biggest of the year, a 20lb plus Chinook. It jumped seven times and was the largest fish I've ever caught on a fly (egg sucking leech) and took about 1/2 hour to land. That was memorable. I had hooked some earlier but they all broke off. I found out you had better follow a fish and keep as much line in as possible and completely wear it out before getting too short a line, etc, etc. basically correcting for my earlier break offs. The experience also gave me a much better respect for the potential of fly tackle, I had a 9' #8 weight rod and $50 Corland reel- work horse type gear- that seemed fine for the task at hand. The salmon fishing is sort of "tough stuff" and I'm not sure I'd want to be using really expensive tackle as it can get busted up pretty good. So, I caught a fair number of trout in 2012 but the first Chinook (ended up landing 3) was the most memorable. Earlier in the year I caught some nice rainbows in the Smokies when the laurel was in full bloom and I had hiked into an area I had all to myself and there were otter, black bears, deer, and turkeys. That ranks pretty high as well for a pleasant and memorable experience. All in all, 2012 was a very good year and I am gratful for it.

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    Default Re: Most Memorable Fish of 2012

    The most memorable, hummmmm there are three that really stand out all from the same creek, Falling Springs. It took a while to get a good line on those fish being that I would only have a few hours on a Saturday night and a couple more on Sunday over the course of two months but to finally hook up with a nice 16" bow (supposedly wild, left over from the red band strain) and a wily little 12" wild brown up towards the head waters. The most memorable fish has become my nemesis or my own personal George. I never hooked him but I've spotted him quite a few times in the same stretch and it is just a monster. The first time I saw him I fell apart, shaking like I had deer fever, sweating like I was in an interrogation room, I made a few casts without spooking him but he wanted nothing to do with what I was offering. The next few times I wouldn't even bother to cast, I'd find a good place to sit and watch him, every now and then you'd see that big ole trap open up and take something. I sat one day and smoked damn near a half a pack of smokes just amazed by this brute of a fish. I would get depressed if I drove past the car park and saw another car thinking maybe that guy got him or maybe he ran the fish off. I will connect with him eventually, a good buddy of mine said he's waiting for me to fish to him with my own hand made split cane rod for a photo op! My only issue is after a fish like that comes to hand, what's next? How to you ever top it?
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    Oh I live to be the ruler of life not a slave

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    Default Re: Most Memorable Fish of 2012

    I took this 2.25 pound 15.5 inch sea run brookie on a dry white miller. The 5 wt. 7'6" Sage Graphite III was bent like an o ring. Had fun keeping him out of the sunkers. I kept this one. But released two or three similar to it just before I took this one. A very beautiful fish and a very memorable fight with no net.

    "Whale oil beef hooked !"- Traditional east coast fishermen saying

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    Default Re: Most Memorable Fish of 2012

    This one is easy for me:

    on a little (#10) Orange Sneaky:


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    Thumbs up Re: Most Memorable Fish of 2012

    I guess it would be a big brookie that I got on the Magalloway in Maine.
    Not because it was monster fish, but because I had long looked forward to fishing there and the experience lived up to the expectation
    The simpler the outfit, the more skill it takes to manage it, and the more pleasure one gets in his achievements. --- Horace Kephart

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    Default Re: Most Memorable Fish of 2012

    Probly that Red, simply because of how he absolutely inhaled a Dahlberg Diver off the surface 20' from the boat, was a breathtaking take...

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    Default Re: Most Memorable Fish of 2012

    Is it fair to have two?

    The first is the most memorable day fishing. That was at the end of the summer. Had a day of guided fishing with my dad, brother, and two brothers-in-law. Several of us caught trout north of 5lbs and I also caught my first snake river cut and Colorado cut. Amazing fishing and nice way to spend a day with family.

    My most memorable fish of the year came in September on one of my favorite streams. It had been unofficially closed for the summer because of flows and temps. It 'opened' again towards the end of September and I was anxious to see how the fish held up. Shortly after arriving, I was very happy to catch and release an energetic 9" brown to start a fun day of fishing. It was nice to see how resilient the fish were.
    - William

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    I have two as well. Both of them happen in the spring.

    First would be my first trip to the 'horn'. Friends came up from CO and we spent 5 days floating lots of fish. First day I had been the only one to catch any fish. We decided to wade the takeout@ 3mile. After many cast in the back of this pool, I wade deeper and father up. I make a nice cast and my indicator just sits there so I set the hook. I get it on the reel and next thing I know the reel just started clicking. I look around can't see my friends I holler back "I think I need a bigger net" (as I just had my little 14"creek net). My buddy pops out from behind the raft with a net. I played the fish for a while, as I told him to be ready but not to scoop until it ran from him first. Sure enough it ran from him then played it right back and my buddy does a perfect net. It was our first time fishing together and just perfect team work really set the tone for the rest of the trip.

    #22 Ray Charles

    Second would be on my local creek, had been nymphing all morning until I came up on a pool with quite a few rises. I sat down to watch more as I rerigged. Tossed out my bug 3 or 4 times, no luck. Then practicing my reach cast got it right in the zone watched this brown hammer the surface right next to my fly, though I did not strike. Then saw the brown 180 and just hammer my fly. It was just so neat to watch, and to find out it was just one two pound brown having a feast in a small pool.

    #14 sparkling cripple dun variation
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