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Thread: 2013 Goals...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rip Tide View Post
    I like these sort of posts
    Believe it or not my goal, as it has been for the last few years, is to catch the state record pumpkinseed.
    18 ounces at this point
    It was a Pumpkinseed that got me startedon breaking records. I was fishing with a friend named Dale in a little lake about 2 1/2 hours South of here. I hooked a Pumpkinseed that dwarfed every other one of them I had ever seen. We weighed and measured it and then let it go, THEN I got curious as to what the record was. Mine would have shattered the State and all tackle world record. I try not to make that mistake anymore.

    Mine is to get the rest of the tippet records for Walleye. It's not going to be as hard as it sounds. There are 2 that are going to be hard to do and only two that are really hard to do, but not a single record that is unbustable. And bustable right here. I didn't even start trying to bust them till 2008 and already broke 8 of them. Only 7 still stand and that is another knot headed story. I looked at the book wrong and broke one of my own records.

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    1; Land my first fresh salmon
    2; Land my first brown trout
    3; Land a trout over 24"
    4: Land a striped bass
    5; Get footage of all of it
    6; Get my grandfather out and into some fish
    7; Teach my mom to fly fish
    8; Have most of my flies tied before spring
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    Often, when i get out by myself, my mind completely focuses on the fish. I want to change my perspective this year on the water. I want to spend more time focused on the outside beauty around me while fishing. I want to spend time opening myself spiritually and allowing my time on the water to better myself.

    And fish as much as possible!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by latshki View Post
    5; Get footage of all of it
    You need to find a friend like mine. Bill likes taking video and does a really good job of it. He is really easy to get to go fishing. He has even been willing to go into the water in his street shoes all to get a shot, and once to get my wallet because I had a big fish hung up and was just about to go swim for it. He even shot some Bigfoot footage......

    Inside joke.

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    I got a contour HD for xmas so I'm going to try to keep it with me at all times, ruined to many cameras this year so it should be worth the money just in that sense of not having to worry about it getting wet
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    To do a bunch of overnight trips into the canyon section of the South Fork of The Snake River, been planning to do this for a while but just can't seem to get it done. This will be the year! make it up to The Missouri for a taste of that dry action.

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    Life is buying a house and having a second baby in February, not so much goals as things that are happening! That means likely less time on the river overall. But some fishing goals include - fishing with my 2 year old on my back, connected with that is learning to Tenkara fish (easy to transport and use with her on my back), becoming a better caster and fly tier, and getting my good friend out to Colorado for a nice long weekend camping/fishing trip.
    - William

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    Ongoing projects:
    1.) Fish in every county in Kansas.
    2.) Catch as many freshwater species as possible.
    3.) Fly Fish in every state--probably won't add any new ones this year, though.

    This year:

    3.) Improve my casting--last year it was learning to double haul. I plan to add some additional casts and work on my general basics and form.

    4.) Carp and/or buffalo in pursuit of #2

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    To fish more with my Son, wish my Daughters still fished. I will be fishing alone a lot more so I want to hit some streams I have not been on in some time. More time in the mountains chasing Cutts. Hoping for some fishing in Cozumel as well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jaybo41 View Post
    Mr. Bash, what area are you considering a move to?
    Anywhere between Potter and Tioga Counties, South all the way to the border of Maryland. The center of Pennsylvania is chock full of trout water and some of the most beautiful country East of the Mississippi. You can cherry pick the entire region via 81 and hit some famous, some unheard of, and some pristine wild trout waters all in the same time span it takes me to drive to mediocre trout water in Ohio.
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