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Thread: 2013 Goals...

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    Quote Originally Posted by flysean View Post
    my one and only goal is to buy some property in western N.C. and spend more time there fishing and living
    My goal is to move in with flysean!

    Sounds like that area is awesome. Hope it happens!

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    Got the first goal out of the way last week, steelhead fishing. And I'm thrilled to report I kept my tradition of always losing the largest fish I hooked alive and well.
    Main goal is to find that cabin somewhere.
    Hopefully tarpon fishing in May.
    Get some articles written and published (and not rejected like last one).
    Spend more time at the vice and hope that translates to improvement in my tying.
    Oh, and the obligatory lose-weight goal. Started a detox-and-diet program this morning. No caffeine, alcohol or cigars for 30 days. This is not going to be pretty.

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    Nothing too ambitious. I just want to continue to enjoy the rivers and streams, make my annual trip out west and to forever remember how blessed I am to be able to partake in such a surreal activity as flyfishing for trout. Of course I wouldn't mind catching a beautiful male brookie of greater than 14inches or so.

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    I want to finally LAND a grass carp this year. Hooked up with 3 last year, including a MONSTER, but didnt land any. Also want to get out and explore the smallmouth streams more. I have a few close to home on my list, just need the time.

    Non-fishing goal is finish remodeling 2 rooms in the house, pay the truck off and then get a job in FL and peace out of the midwest. Doubtfull but would like to see it happen.
    "When you do things right, people wont be sure you've done anything at all."

    Storm Drain Bonefisher

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    Quote Originally Posted by waterfordcreek View Post
    2013 Goals:

    1) Get out of the rat race.
    2) Convince my daughter to go to the "U".
    3) Surround myself with only the best people.
    4) Section hike some of the App Trail.
    5) Do more to help educate and introduce the sport of fly-fishing.
    6) Finding more time to help conservation efforts.
    7) New targets with the stick- Steelhead, Sailfish, Sea run trout and although not new....a BIG tarpon.
    8) To spend one more night in the Smokies back country...a 25 year old Lagavulin and trout on the fire.
    9)200+ days on the stream.

    Sounds like a pretty alright plan

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    Great thread....I've enjoyed reading the many incredible aspirations and goals set forth by all. I personally am a backcountry trout junkie, so I always have many goals and many trips thought out each summer.

    1. There is a trophy greenback cutthroat lake in Rocky Mountain NP I've been meaning to get to for 3-4 summers now. Backcountry camping permit reservations over the phone started this morning. It took me two hours to get through to the rangers but I finally scored two different reservations for the same lake. A two night set in July and a three night set in August.

    2. Make it to the trophy golden trout lake in Montana that I regretably attempted and failed to hiike into last August.

    3. 24" is my largest ever trout, but I've never cracked the 20" mark in the backcountry. I have many promising leads for some truly nice cutthroat lakes found deep in the Wind River Reservation Roadless Area - I'm planning on two extended backpacking trips there this summer to find my elusive 20" backcountry cutthroat or golden trout. If I get it, plan on being inundated with about a million pictures on these forums!

    4. I've never had a 100-fish trip. Hope to get it this year.

    5. I know this may be taboo for some, but I plan on dining on more trout this year whether it be car camping or on the trail. But only with the best interest of the fishery in mind. Basically I plan on harvesting trout from two areas: (1) put-and-take fisheries like the many reservoirs around the Rockies that are stuffed to the gills with small stockers and (2) high mountain lakes that benefit from some harvest. Some lakes are so overpopulated with stunted trout that harvest is truly beneficial to the survivors. I'm even planning on taking a little less food than normal on backpacking trips and will rely on trout for many lunches and dinners. I just bought an amazing backpacker's grill from Purcell Trench last month. Very expensive ($60), but it only weighs ounces, it's bombproof, and is 17" x 5". And of course, any fish caught in waters that have the potential to grow large trout always get returned unharmed of course!

    6. Two Words - FLOAT TUBE!!!! I've had a float tube forever, and I've never even stepped foot in it. That changes this Spring. I hope to catch some monsters in Spinney and Delaney Butte Reservoirs. I live within striking distance of both lakes, and I've seen neither. FLOAT TUBE!!!

    7. To catch a backcountry trout in the Appalachains. I grew up in Atlanta and still have a place to base a backpacking trip out of. This Fall I plan on exploring the wilderness areas of the Georgia/North Carolina border.

    Good luck to all in 2013!!!

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    Well WT, since I bought an inexpensive switch, , my goal is to hook up with a large Hybrid Bass. I noted Jaybo mentioned Stae College area. I was @ Spring Creek last summer with a friend who works the Cabela's fly shop. I plan on going there more this year with him/whoever wants to go.

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    Once I get caught up with the things I have going on here and need to get done here I plan on spending a LOT of time bouncing between the I-99/81 corridor.
    Oh I live to be the ruler of life not a slave

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    Add to my attempt to fish every county in Kansas. An ongoing project

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rip Tide View Post
    I like these sort of posts
    Believe it or not my goal, as it has been for the last few years, is to catch the state record pumpkinseed.
    18 ounces at this point
    Haha! It was my goal to catch the state record pumkinseed when I was a kid in Wyoming. Came so close, found a pond with some huge ones but could never catch one.

    My goals are

    Fish ten rivers in Montana this year- got one so far.
    Catch a rainbow over 21- done
    Catch a brown over 21
    Catch a trout over 24
    Catch a bull trout
    Hit a huge hatch on the Missouri
    Improve rowing skiils-pending

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