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Thread: I'm looking for something like this

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    Default I'm looking for something like this

    A waterproof bag that hold trays of flies. I find it easier when fishing from a raft to use the plastic trays you find in craft stores and leave it out in plain sight. Seems to me I saw something like this in a fly shop a while back, but I can't remember the manufacturer. Or if I could just find a suitable lightweight, waterproof cover or bag for the trays and just get my own trays. Non-bulky would be good, also. Thanks.

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    Default Re: I'm looking for something like this

    A lot of fly fishing manufactures make waterproof bags. Simms, Orvis, and Fishpond come to mind. They aren't cheap, but they will keep stuff dry. What about finding some Plano boxes with the waterproof rubber gasket? That may be cheaper and possibly even better in a situation where you dropped a full box into the water. Something like this (Plano WaterProof Storage Box 3740) is what I had in mind.


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    Default Re: I'm looking for something like this

    Would something along the lines of these work for you? plano soft tackle box

    These sort of soft bags come in a wide variety of sizes, configurations and price points. They do carry and organize a ton of flies, just a matter of how extreme the conditions to which you will be exposing them.

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    Default Re: I'm looking for something like this

    Thanks, guys. I may shoot Plano an e-mail and see what they suggest. I did pay the big bucks a couple of times for the high-end waterproof bags and ended up returning both items. I won't mention names, but I will say the waterproof part worked, but these items apparently are not for wilderness use. Didn't last two days without things ripping and/or falling off, zipper failing. Toughest thing I have found have been Pelican cases, but that's for the electronics and not practical (too heavy) for the flies.

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    Default Re: I'm looking for something like this

    Noticed some William Joseph bags on sale.
    If weather proof/resistance is your thing, I am sure several of them would hold plenty of boxes as well!

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    Default Re: I'm looking for something like this

    When I first started fly fishing I found a soft-sided cooler with a strap for a dollar at a gargae sale--it can hold your lunch or a six pack and the inside is rubberized. $5-$10 at walmart. I used it on the water with all my fly boxes and accessories stuffed inside.

    It can fill through the zipper, so you don't want to dunk it. It can stand up to rain and splashing.

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    Default Re: I'm looking for something like this

    Go over to the LL Bean site and get yourself a Kennebec River boat bag. I have tried and not liked the Fish pond bag but I love this LL bean one. Price is right as well. Comes in two sizes. Great bag.

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    Default Re: I'm looking for something like this

    check out the flypad system, might be what you're looking for
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    Thnx guys for taking a much time to share this problem with us.. working gr888.

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    Default Re: I'm looking for something like this

    I have one from Cabelas that I like. Here is a link. They are on sale.

    I have a friend who has the Simms boat bag. He really likes it. I love my Simms waders. The price tag on the Simms boat bag is quite a bit higher than the Cabelas bag.

    My wife and I have a couple roll down, waterproof bags for the kayaks. We bought them at REI. They come in sizes, they float, and you can get them in clear.
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