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Thread: GoPro camera

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    Default GoPro camera

    I'm considering picking up a GoPro camera. I fish by myself often, and it's hard to get pictures. Does anyone have an opinion on them? Also, how do you mount the camera. I don't really want to put it on my head. Does anyone use the chest mount?

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    Default Re: GoPro camera

    I personally don't have one, but I fish a lot with a few people that do.

    Mounting options are almost limitless which is one of the coolest things about them to me.

    They really aren't the best option for photos, but they will suffice.

    One nice thing about them in terms of photos is the wide angle lens. It lets you get some really full photos - in terms of frame - from a pretty close distance.
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    Default Re: GoPro camera

    I have one. Love the damn thing. Takes awesome video and still shots as well. The only thing is, you can't preview the picture taken or the video. The new version of the GoPro fixes that, but only if you are using the lcd bacpac or iphone/android app. I think that set up is better if you are trying to do a "remote" shot like placing your camera on the far bank and you are fishing in the middle of the river.

    The mounting options for on person are on the head or on the chest. The chesty mount works great. Only thing is you see a lot of the rod and your hands, but you can adjust the mount to sit higher or lower on your body. The head mount works ok, but it will be quite a bit "bumpier" since your head will move around more than your body.

    Here's a quick vid I made to tease a friend of mine since he's bailed on my last 3 requests to hit the river.

    [ame=]Movie for Dave - YouTube[/ame]

    Select the higher 720 setting...for some reason, youtube like to keep it at 360.

    You can also mount it on your net, on your rod, or on a stick and just stick it in the water and get some underwater shots. But remember, it's a wide angle lense so you've got to be pretty close to the fish.

    If you want to just do photos, most cell phones these days are pretty good. Get good at the self stiff arm shot:

    Or lean it up on a rock or use a gorillapod JOBY flexible camera tripods for DSLR/SLR cameras and point-and-shoots:

    In any case, the GoPro is a cool little camera device, but if you are planning on mainly doing stills, get a nice waterproof camera or use your cell phone.
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    Default Re: GoPro camera

    Got one last year for my Step Son and he does a lot of mountain biking. Total hoot watching the film(s). Only thing with same is make your body movements (panning) slow.
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    Default Re: GoPro camera

    No single piece of gear does everything well. I use the chest harness for my GoPro. I agree with vitesse that you get a lot of hands and reel when you have it mounted on your chest but it is much easier to keep it steady than when it is on the head mount.

    I have used a Flip camera with the head mount. It really takes some practice to move your eyes as much as possible and not make sudden head movements. But practicing is a good thing; I mean seriously, would you rather be working or practicing keeping your head still while you record your fishing?

    The GoPro is waterproof. If you can point it in the right direction you can record a fish underwater--even swimming if you get the camera close enough and the water is clear enough.

    You can't review what you just recorded on the GoPro. That's not such a big deal. You can't carry spare batteries for the GoPro. My biggest concern with the GoPro is that it distorts perspective and distance. Even with those concerns I still like the GoPro and will continue to use it. I like the Flip camera better and will continue to use it also. There have been times when I had both of them going at the same time.

    For still shots I use a digital camera. That said, if you have a video editing program it is fun to capture a frame from video that you would not have been able to get with a digital camera or a cell phone--like a fish jumping.

    It is 19 degrees at my home right now; it's not exactly fishing weather. It's great weather for tying flies and thinking about gear. Aren't you glad that the GoPro does some things well and that there are also other possibilities to consider?
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    Default Re: GoPro camera

    GoPros are good. I use the chest mount as well. I'm going to cobble up a mount that I can put on the bottom of my wading staff so I can scope out what's in a couple of holes/undercut banks this year.

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    Default Re: GoPro camera

    As I understand it, the GoPro is as well received as it is because it is very small, waterproof (in its housing) and takes video in 1080 resolution.

    And all that seems great, especially for a snowboarder (or say a fisherman who wants to take live action headcam shots of him landing fish).

    But just as a standalone camera which you are gonna use while fishing, is it really what you want if you arent taking headshots? Or can you do just about as good with say a Canon sx260, which also has 1080 resolution, and has 20x zoom, and has good low light performance and has a review screen. The Canon isn't waterproof, but you could get a bag or a case....or, if waterproof is even more important, you could get one of the rugged cameras.

    I'm kinda trying to talk myself out of getting a GoPro here, because it does a few things remarkably well, but with my $ being somewhat limited, I want a camera that can do more than just what a GoPro does. I'm leaning towards the Canon I mentioned for that reason, cause it has zoom, review, supposedly the same quality video, the tradeoff being a larger package that will be a little more cumbersome.

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    Default Re: GoPro camera

    wtl, it is like comparing apples and oranges really. I shoot with Nikon and we have 2 D90s, a P500, a AW-100 as well as gopros. They all have there place and get used equally as much as one another. The gopros will often be kept recording all day to make sure we dont miss anything. This are most often used for first person shots on the head or chest depending on what I am doing. The other cameras can be set up on a tripod on the bank for a 3rd person view.

    If photos are your main concern, get a good camera that also takes video in HD. If video is your concern, go with a gopro.

    A gopro is definitely a specialty item in my opinion and I would never use one if I wanted quality photos. With that said, I would buy 10 more if I could.

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    Default Re: GoPro camera

    I use the head mount, and as long as you have a mirror to look and make sure its straight, and angled good, then you are in good shape.
    I love everything about it, I have used mine for hunting/shooting, fishing, and when I get to race.
    Best purchase Ive made in a while.

    here is the headmount I bought
    [ame=""] GoPro Head Strap Mount for HERO Cameras: Camera & Photo@@AMEPARAM@@[/ame]

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    Default Re: GoPro camera

    Thanks to this thread I had to pick up a Hero 3 Black Edition haha.

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