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    Default Fishing log books?

    I was just curious if anyone else kept a fishing log or journal for all of your trips? And better yet what information do you keep track of? Thanks for the help.

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    Default Re: Fishing log books?

    Used to keep one religiously! Unfortunatly got lazy and thought I could remember dates etc but not the case.
    When I did it was date, weather , fish, tides or cfs ,what worked and what didn't ,noticeable hatches or bait . Then anything unusual or anyone doing well. It's a great tool when you keep up with it especially on migratory fish and andromodus species. Didn't write a book just simple notes. Helped to remember when certain things started to heat up! Still look at my old ones now and then to pinpoint some runs!
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    I actually got a notebook designed for that for Christmas. The book that I got has spaces for the following:

    Target, City, Date, Day, Time, Weather/Temperature, Fishing From (shore, dock, boat, ice), Location, GPS, Area Fishing Reports, Fishing With, Fish Bait/Lure/Fly used, First Fish Caught By, Biggest Fish Caught By, Most Fish Caught By, Total Catch of the Day, Comments, Special Tackle Used, Highlights of the Day, Places to Remember for Next Time, and then a blank page for notes.

    Some of them seem more beneficial than others, but I think that it is a good idea. Unfortunetely I have not yet had a chance to fill out a page yet.
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    Default Re: Fishing log books?

    There was a thread on here not too long ago re: log books. Lot's of good info to compliment the above responses. I still keep one. Great tool if you're so inclined.

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    Default Re: Fishing log books?

    Thanks for the info guys. fishing fly thats a lot of good info to keep track of, many of those I did not think of. I had a poor excuse for a log book last year and want to remedy that this year. I'll have to dive in and find that older post too. Thanks again for the help.

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    Default Re: Fishing log books?

    Montana actually does one for fisherman. The fishing log program helps them keep track of the fish where catching and and what rates. I fill mine out to help them. I only really look back at it to help plan trips around dates I did good.

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    Default Re: Fishing log books?

    I did for the first few years I lived here. This was also about the time I started taking fish pictures. Believe it or not I never used to take pictures. Thing of it is, I write down everything on a note pad when I'm fishing and put that info on the back of the photos now. That's as close to a log book as I get but it's actually pretty useful also. When I did keep the log book, I put down temps, wind, barometer, cloud cover, etc. along with what I caught.

    I refer to weatherundergound's archived daily charts for barometer, wind, and temperature ant the USGS site for the river to see flows and water temps. That makes for a pretty good source along with my photo stuff. At least for when the big fish are around.

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    Default Re: Fishing log books?

    A Good Idea,after many years I've just started a Log Book where I note all particulars,already this season is different from the last one as I can recall Fishing this time last year.
    The Main Reason being is if I happen to have a Memory Bank failure I can look back,if I can remember where I keep it(just joking).

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    Default Re: Fishing log books?

    I use an App for my Android phone called "My Fishing Companion". You can put in all the information from your catches with photos of the fish. It's a neat little App and one I would recommend to any Angler that has an Android smart phone
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    Default Re: Fishing log books?

    Another option I just found for those who spend too much time with computers is called EverLog. It is an app for the iphone. Essentially it allows you to create a template that posts to Evernote. I made myself a fishing log template; I fill it out when I'm at my spot or in the car then it will post my location, date, etc. when I get home and hook it up to WIFI.

    Here is a screenshot:

    ...Don't know if there is a similar option for Android, but my fishing companion looks pretty cool.

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