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    turbineblade Guest

    Default Why you should wear eyewear!!

    This is a very, very disturbing link and is probably not for people with a weak constitution. Just to warn you ahead of time.

    Looking at some of these pictures has scarred me for life -- but I think it's important enough to share in case anyone is "lax" about wearing eye protection out there at times.

    I know that I will personally NEVER even hold a fly rod without eyewear on (sunglasses).

    So, sorry if this is kind of gross -- but if it helps someone, I'm really not sorry.

    Why you should Always wear Glasses and Only use Barbless hooks. the limp cobra

    Also, sorry if this was already posted and I missed it.

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    Default Re: Why you should wear eyewear!!

    Good reminder.....That made my eyes water
    I'll second always wearing sunglasses as I consider them to be part of the essentials equipment needed when fishing.

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    Default Re: Why you should wear eyewear!!

    When I started late evening streamer fishing it bugged me that I needed to lose the sunglasses to even see the landing zone. After smacking myself in a "chuck and duck" set up, I've picked up a pair of clear mountain biking glasses to put the fear to bed. Easy fix to what could be a life-altering cast.

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    Default Re: Why you should wear eyewear!!

    I've had to turn around and drive home because my wife forgets her glasses...her PRESCRIPTION glasses! I've worn prescription eyewear for the past 35 years, and they've saved my eyes from all sorts of things on many occasions. Last week I bought my first pair of prescription sunglasses: wrap-around Ray Bans. Tons of $$$, but I decided that clip-ons didn't look cool, and offered little protection on the sides.

    New Convertible Mandated New Sunglasses

    Oh Yeah! They're polarized!!!!!

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    Default Re: Why you should wear eyewear!!

    Great googely-moogely!!! I am staunch believer in always wearing sunglasses or glasses while fishing. Back in December while I was in Buffalo, I was getting ready to head out for the day. While putting my contacts in, I dropped one and couldn't find it. I brought no back ups with me, so I was relegated to bringing my glasses with me and switching between my glasses and polarized sunglasses all day. Luckily, I am near sighted and I don't have a very strong prescription. As much as a "hassle" as it was to switch back and forth all day long....I didn't even think twice about it. As far as hooks....every fly I have bought or tied...the very first thing I do is crush the barb. I'd rather lose a fish than have to punch a hook through or cut my fishing short for a trip to the ER to have it removed.
    - Ian

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    Default Re: Why you should wear eyewear!!

    That is really a good reminder, especially for me, because I did forget my glasses during the last two fishing days
    Best regards from Germany,


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    turbineblade Guest

    Default Re: Why you should wear eyewear!!

    As a nearly 100% visual person, I really need my eyes for life. My hearing is fine, but I'm about as dumb as a board via that route of perception .

    I use barbless hooks to tie and also crimp barbs, but my God either way I'll never be without eyewear.

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    Default Re: Why you should wear eyewear!!

    A few years back I wore eyewear when fishing on an intermittant basis. Then one evening while fishing for Walleye with my 15' two hander, I hooked the bottom with a Clouser. It was not really far away from me so I put my marker at the rod tip and cast the line past the fly, then with the line laying on the water pull and the fly usually comes off the snag away from me. It didn't. So I tried to do it again, but it must have almost come loose and setting up to do it again the fly came out of the water and hit me right in my open eye. It hurt like a son of a gun. I got lucky and it hit oriented where the lead and the barb did no damage. I became an eyewear advocate right there on the spot.

    In the dark I wear clear safety glasses;

    Daytime I wear dark glasses;

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    Default Re: Why you should wear eyewear!!

    Good reminder for us all. Thanks for sharing.

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    Default Re: Why you should wear eyewear!!

    That has to be incrediblly painful

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