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Thread: Tippet knots

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    Default Tippet knots

    I have been asking this question alot, what knot do you like use to tie your tippet to your leader?
    I make my own tapered leaders out of rio alloy hard saltwater tippet. I go 30, 25, 20 tied with blood knots then 18.5 seaguar Gmax tippet, I tie the tippet on with a Albright or a the orvis tippet knot.

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    Default Re: Tippet knots

    Blood knots all the way for me, whether 6x or 50 lb bite.

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    Default Re: Tippet knots

    Double surgeon's knot.

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    Default Re: Tippet knots

    Surgeons knots don't work to good with fluorocarbon.

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    Default Re: Tippet knots

    Interesting, I use the surgeon's knot all the time (fluoro to fluoro, and fluoro to mono) and have never had a problem

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    Default Re: Tippet knots

    I have the same view as Cletus, the only knot I use is the triple Surgeons knot to tie the tippet to the leader, and virtually all the time I'm using fluoro tippet, mostly 3x-5x and have very good results. About the only time I have a failure is when I'm snagged up on something submerged and have to reef it free, but for fish it works great. I don't tie my leaders, if I was tying blood knots all the way down the leader, I would think I would get pretty fast at it so maybe I would change my mind and also use a blood knot on the tippet connection.

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    Default Re: Tippet knots

    About 20 + years ago I decided to simplify my knot thingee and switched to a Uni Knot (Duncan Loop) for ALL my leader connections. I now use these between my leader and tippet and no longer burn through leaders when I must add new tippet:

    Back in Summer 2010, Dave Whitlock made the argument for using this " one knot", in an article he wrote for Flyfishing & Tying has worked for me - for a very long time...

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    Default Re: Tippet knots

    Triple surgeons for me tippet >> leader knot. Unless I'm using heavy mono like 20 pound or more. Then I use the double surgeons.

    Simple, easy to tie, strong, quick. I've tried the uni, blood, etc. and nearly always go back to surgeons due to ease.

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    Default Re: Tippet knots

    I really like this knot easy to tie. Similar to the surgeons knot.

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    Default Re: Tippet knots

    I use a triple surgeons knot and cheap fc to build my leaders. I never pull hard, instead push the knot into position with your fingers to eliminate friction heat and then tighten hard. Test hard and trim tags. I treat an fc knot the same at the hook, with loving care, lol. I like to spit on them too but usually my fingers are wet enough.

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