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    Default Noob ABC's...leader and tippet

    First and foremost, thank you all for contributing to such an active forum. I am new to fly fishing and this seems like a wonderful community.

    Smallmouth fishing is my lifeI LOVE it! I recently put down the spinning reels and bought my first semi-serious fly gear. After browsing a few shops and getting some info, I settled on a TFO Pro Series II 9 6 wt fly rod and an Orvis Batenkill BBS III reel. These were in my noob price range with plans on expanding as I learn more. This will be primarily used for smallmouth.

    Now I need to settle on line, leader, and tippet. The line will be floating WF (the extremely weight forward I believe, from some research). What leader and tippet would be best for smallmouth fishing? I want to throw poppers and wet flies. Really, I guess Im not sure what I will be throwing until I get out there and try some things.

    I have so many questions but figured this would be a good start.

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    Default Re: Noob ABC's...leader and tippet

    Pick-up some 1x or 2x tapered nylon leaders and a spool of 2x tippet, which I think is usually about 8lbs break strength, if you want stronger go 1x or 0x. The tapered leader includes tippet and you use the spool to add more to the end of the leader as the tippet section shortens due to break offs or tying and cutting of flies.

    With larger poppers and streamers I've used straight mono in 1x or 2x since the fly turns itself over fine and you don't need delicate presentation.
    - William

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    Default Re: Noob ABC's...leader and tippet

    Thank you sir. I have noticed there are some leaders that appear to be braided with a eye ring and multiple colors. I imagine the color is for strike indicator, but what is the braided for?

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    Default Re: Noob ABC's...leader and tippet

    For the type of fishing you intend to do, you really don't have a need for a tapered leader. I'd just attached a permanent loop to your fly line, either have a fly shop put a braided loop on or just nail knot a piece of 30 pound test and put a loop in the other end.

    For your leader, I'd just attach a 6-8' strip of 8-12 pound test and call it a day. For poppers and nearly any other fly you would throw to bass this will work fine. It's what I do.

    Welcome to the sport -- Since you are a spin fisherman I assume you already know at least a few knots well. That's good. I'd focus on your casting most of all since it affects everything you do. It's funny, because I was posting a post just like yours just several months ago -- and I've come so far now it's ridiculous . But everyone is new at some point!

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    Default Re: Noob ABC's...leader and tippet

    Welcome to the forum. I am a big fan of Smallmouth fishing myself. I have a number of flies that do really well for them. The one I use the most is the Clouser version of a leech. Then Clousers. These are the most productive flies I have found.

    That and a Steelhead pattern called a Funny Bunny Emerald Shiner. This thing is a Smallie magnet.

    I do a Crayfish pattern that is a real good Smallie fly also. It is a bit more realistic and hard to tie than is probably needed, but then again, it couldn't hurt either.

    Small poppers are good once the water is warm and till later in the Fall when it cools off again. I make a pretty good small popper with foam earplugs. They are a tube fly. I like them a lot.

    I tie a lot of Deer hair bugs to. This is a Dahlberg. I like them a lot, and again, I probably put more effort than is really needed for this fly, but then again, couldn't hurt. Plus it's fun to tie these.

    Those leaders you were talking about are furled leaders and are awsome. I use them all the time now and get them from a forum member that goes bt the handle Joni because her name is Joni.
    This is a leader she made me with a tippet and Walleye fly attached. They will lay out much better than a mono leader and way easier to use than tying your own. Can't say enough good things about them. The one in this photo is a 12'er for my 15' 2 hand rod. As you can see, they get thinner as you get to the end with the fly.

    You can use a mono leader, but they are a lot cheaper if you tie your own instead of buying tapered leaders. Any questions you have, feel free to ask.

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