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Thread: Essential fly fishing gear

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    I believe in simplicity, maybe because of my life at home is so crazy, but I try not to take much at all, rod, Simms fanny pack with flies, nippers (finger nail clippers lol), forceps, extra tippet, a drying cloth and sometimes I buy floatant, but rarely and my net.

    For clothing it all depends on the weather, but I never go without my Ray Ban sunglasses and goat sleeve.
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    Quote Originally Posted by moucheur2003 View Post
    Pszy, what's the wine cork for?
    It's a fish release gizmo, works great, eliminates the need for a net, here's a link to a previous post on this forum with a little more detail -

    DIY Fish Release Gizmo

    Also for anyone interested, if you look at the bottom of my blog there is a video showing how to use the rubber band to magically restore your fly to brand new condition -

    Tenkara Fly Fishing

    Sorry for all the links, I couldn't figure out how to post the video directly here.

    The more you know, the less you need.

    Tenkara Fly Fishing

    Tenkara Fly Fishing Blog

    "People tend to get the politicians and the fishing tackle they deserve" - John Gierach, Fishing Bamboo

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