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I think all of south-central PA is doing reasonably well economically.
It really is when compared to here. I was actually startled by it my first few trips down there. I've noticed a good indicator of the local economy is checking out the rent for apartments on Craigslist, if the rents are somewhat high then it stands to reason the economy supports it. Not always true I know, but its a good guideline. Anywhere along the I-81 corridor is pretty choice even if you can't find work locally, the commute isn't all that bad and the scenery makes up for the ride. Plus a short jaunt to the east puts you on the beach in NJ, to the south you have Baltimore, D.C., and if you get the jones for steelhead you can head to Erie or bang straight up 81 towards Rochester. Kinda sounds like I have myself talked into moving pretty well wrapped up, I hope you and your girlfriend find what you're looking for Itchmesir.