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  1. Default Fly fishing in West Virginia.

    I'm new to the sport wondering what types of flies i should use for trout. Anyone here fish WV?

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    Default Re: Fly fishing in West Virginia.

    Welcome to the forum! Just start fishing in WV this year as my son started at WVU. Seems like a lot of oportunitys! Although most of my fishing has been warm water down there the little trout I've done in some small streams was all nymphs for brookies If you post some more specifics such as waters and seasons there are others on here that should have some answers for you!
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    Default Re: Fly fishing in West Virginia.

    Fish WV a decent bit. Mostly in the upper east side (Eastern Panhandle).

    What type of flies? Depends on the time of year. I use dries and streamers in spring, terrestrial in summer and early fall. I don't do much nymphing, but that can be done just about any time.
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    I'll usually fish the Cranberry and Williams river through out the year. This will be my first time fishing with fly. Is caddis dry and caddis nymphs good for the area?

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