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Thread: Costa Del Mar

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    They are actually laminated tempered glass. The reason I like them is that when I wipe them i don't necessarily have to use a special "lens clothe" although they do come with one.....

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    For the first time ever I bought a pair of sunglasses online, the Costa Man-O-War. There were so many good reviews, I just knew this was what I was looking for. But I was skeptical about the fit. To my amazament, they fit better than any sunglasses I have ever tried on. And I love the glass. Once in a while you step in it.
    So while I'm on a roll, I better check out those Abel nippers at the fly show next week.

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    Just like the rest of the guys I love my costa glasses. The 580 lens is so worth the money! I have two pair and they are awesome. However, there replacement or repair fee can be half the cost of the glasses.

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