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  1. Default Intercangeable Sinking tips

    I was on the Orvis web site the other day and they sell a "Instant Sink Tip system". It is a 6" long sinking tip you attach to your floating line with a loop to loop connection.

    Any thoughts on the interchangeable fly tips?
    Would this loop to loop connection have an effect on casting (not exactly a smooth taper)?

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    Interchangeable tips are a great way to go. I use them all the time. Great for streamer fishing.

    They are not hard to make yourself. I have them from 18" to 6' in fast sink and ultra fast sink. That way I can match the sink rate to water conditions.

    The longer/heaver you go you need to make sure the extra line wieght doesn't overload your rod (you could break it). Most fast action rods in at least a 5wt. can handle the extra without problem. It can make casting a whole different ballgame. A lot of time to get the distance I need I will use a water haul to load the rod.

    Hope this helps.

    fish or DIE

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    I've been playing with the Cabela's interchable tips, and all in all I'm fairly happy with them. The loop can catch a little in the guides when I'm trying to get line out to start casting, but I've never had them catch with a fish on. Sure saves a lot of money on extra spools that way.

    As fatguide said, it does make casting much different though. I have a hard time whenever I switch tips on the Cabela's line as the different line weights all act a little different. I don't notice the loop causing a problem during casting though, they seem to have them pretty well engineered so they don't hinge. The only time I've really noticed the loop is in high wind, it seems to catch the wind a bit more making it harder to cast.


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    Default Re: Intercangeable Sinking tips

    Hi to all,

    I have to go the other way on adding sink tips. If you take a 5wt or 6wt floating line and add a few feet of sinking line you have ruined the dynamics of your casting stroke. You have increased the weight of the fly line and you are no longer casting a 5wt or 6wt line. You will have to shorten the amount of line in the air so you don't over load the rod. You might get away with it on an 8wt rod but you are still facing the same problems. You may have to use smaller flies to make up for the additional weight of the sinking line. Too many compromises for me.

    There is one option that you might consider instead of adding a section of weighted line. Feather Craft sells fluorocarbon sinking furled leader butts for different rod weights. The furled leader will cast much better and you can still get a good presentation. Rub in some leader mud or fly sink-it and you have a pretty good setup. You can also carry a little bottle of detergent and spray the leader.

    Here is Feather Crafts description:

    F-C "TROUT" TYPE-4 "UNIFORM-SINKING" FLUOROCARBON TAPERED FURLED LEADER BUTT-SECTIONS Sink rate is 3.5-4ips. Recommended for 5-6 weight fly lines. LENGTH: 6, 7, 9 or 12-Foot.

    I think a good reel with multiple spools is the very best choice. You will always have the proper line for the job. I usually carry a floating line and a sink tip line. This takes care of most of my fishing and it doesn't mess up my casting.


    Loon Henry's Sinket

    Loon's Snake River Mud

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    Frank makes a good point, I guess I should have mentioned I use that on a #8, and also use floro with sinking solution . . .

    As a side note, this year I am trying tying flies with various amounts of weights and using that on a sharkskin line to try to get the depth I want. Guess I'll see how that works out. Was hoping for better castability with that setup than I could get out of my Cabela's line.


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    I'm with Frank on this one with nothing further to add.
    The head, the tail, the whole damn thing

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    Those interchangeable sink tips are good in a pinch, but not for "planned" use. They are easy enough to carry without the bulk of a spare spool or line and can come in handy once every great while.

    If you think you will need/use a sink tip, I find it is best to just to simply use a sink tip line.

    Joe D.
    "If people don't occasionally walk away from you shaking their heads, you're doing something wrong." John Gierach

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