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Thread: Storing waders and boots

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    Default Re: Storing waders and boots

    I just hang them in a closet on a motorcycle jacket hanger lol

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    Default Re: Storing waders and boots

    I have a $50 pair of boot foot waders that are over 10yr old. They did start leaking last year so I am looking for a new pair. I bent up a couple of wire hangers and squeeze the boots into the bent hangers and hang them upside down in an unheated garage. Works for me.

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    I do exactly as ditz does. It takes away the stress from the weight of the boots and lets any moisture that's inside run out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chauncey View Post
    So I got a pair of g4s and guide boots for christmas and ive just kept them in the taco bag I got with them. Is that ok? What do you guys do after you use them? Hang them up in the garage and let them dry? Then put them back in the bag?
    I hang mine in the garage to dry...would not even think about hanging them in the house!
    Once dry I brush them off, roll them up and place them in a bag for the next time.

    I do the same for my boots. To help dry them I use one of those handi electric boot dryers. They work very well.
    Again once dry I brush them off and make ready for the next time.


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    Quote Originally Posted by littledavid123 View Post
    I hang them in the laundry room for one day and then hang in the closet. I don't let the toes touch the ground, we have the brown recluse spider in the south and they like dark undisturbed areas to hide, always check my boots before putting them on also. Actually found one in a pair of shoes once...

    Excellent point Dave, I live in Texas!

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    Default Re: Storing waders and boots

    Waders should be kept clean to protect the fabrics. Launder them in the washing machine with a mild detergent at least once per season. They can even be put in the dryer. Follow the manufacturers directions to be safe. I know someone that puts a crease in them but that is a little over the top in my opinion.

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    I just wash mine off in my shower lol

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    I rinse mine in the shower and wash in the tub with powder detergent. I was told by Redington to never put them in the dryer as it can separate the layers. I have also heard that it is fine on low heat too so maybe they just said that to cover their butt.

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    Default Re: Storing waders and boots

    Patagonia wader care and feeding

    Keep them clean: rinse your waders of any dirt or mud after each use.
    washing: In addition, contrary to popular belief, regular washing
    is actually good for all technical fabrics, even waders. Use a good powdered detergent or a techni- cal wash soap like Nikwax® Tech Wash in a front-loading washing machine. Secure all snaps and tie straps together to prevent fabric damage. rinse twice.

    drying: Hang dry out of direct sunlight, or dry in a front load dryer on low heat just until dry. Both cleaning and drying enhances DWr performance.

    repair Leaks: Punctures and pinhole leaks can be repaired by either applying a thin layer of Aquaseal® Uv (in-field repair) or Seam Grip® (permanent, at-home repair), which you’ll find in the
    Patagonia Wader repair Kit (included with every wader). See how-to instructions on the follow- ing pages.

    Suit Up carefully: Avoid over- stretching or walking on abrasive material (like gravel) without wading boots.

    Storage: Store completely dry waders in a cool, dry place. In other words, don’t wad them up in a wet ball and throw them in the back of the pickup.

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    Default Re: Storing waders and boots

    so decided to see what the simms site had to say -


    The #1 tip to prolonging the life of a wader is drying your waders. It is important to dry your waders out after each use. We recommend drying the inside first (if damp) and then the outside. When drying the outside you can pull your gravel guards up until the feet are dry and then flip them down to dry the rest of the wader
    Washing - Use a front load machine or hand wash. Use cold water and normal detergent that does not contain bleach. Once you have washed the waders make sure you dry them properly start by drying the inside first. Never put your waders in the dryer, the heat will adversely affect the seam tape on your waders and will void your warranty.
    Fit - We offer more sizes than anyone, a good fit goes a long way to extending the life of your wader. Make it clear that people should use their exact measurements as we have already provided extra room for layering and movement.
    General Care - Do not store inside your car for long periods of time excess heat will damage your waders.
    Use A Mat - Always put your waders on using a protective mat to shield the neoprene feet from rocks. The Headwaters gear bag for example has a pull out mat that works great for this.
    Proper Layering - Do not wear jeans under your waders. Jeans are highly abrasive wearing on your waders from the inside out. More importantly jeans and sweatpants do not transfer moisture away from the body. Use proper layering (to view our layering collection, go here). Using layers such as these will help wick moisture away from your body and assist in the waders ability to breathe.
    Stains - most stain removers will work fine on our waders. As long as the stain remover does not contain bleach you should be o.k

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