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    Default Mad River in the Winter

    Has anyone fished the Mad river here in Ohio during the winter? Im thinking about going to try it out for an afternoon but don't know if I could spend my time elsewhere. If I do go what nymphs should i chuck for a winter search pattern? Thanks.

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    Default Mad River in the Winter

    I'd give Mad River Outfitters over near Columbus a call...they will set you straight.

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    Default Re: Mad River in the Winter

    On the Mad in the winter, fish deep with streamers.

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    Default Re: Mad River in the Winter

    Either big streamers or small black stones and nymphs. I haven't been down there in a long while though. What stretch were you thinking of?
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    Default Re: Mad River in the Winter

    Went out today to my fave spot just north of springfield for a few hours and caught 4 decent fish. I would have pictures but my iphone got to cold and froze up...time for a new phone. Caught one on of my prince nymphs with silly legs and the others on a brow size 18 copper midge. I managed to spook a good amount of fish in my favorite hole when I pulled a branch out through it and kicked up some silt. :/ Overall i had a great time, ive never fished it in the winter before and the only thing that got cold was my phone. Definitely going to head back sometime and try some streamers.

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