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    Default Re: Using Yarn as an Indicator?

    Quote Originally Posted by sean_k View Post
    Why not use a larger fly (as an indicator) and trail your midge behind it?
    Your limiting yourself to one nymph then. By law we can only use 2 flies, so I use a egg and a nymph or sometimes 2 different color/size eggs to determine what the fish want. Personally I'm not willing to have one of my flies be a dry that will practically never catch a fish.

    I do alot of indicator fishing at times. I don't like thingabobbers. They kink the line, they are off center on the line and they don't transmit strikes or fine changes as to whats going on below. I use a simple foam indicator with a hole thru the center and hold it in place with a broken off tooth pick. It's the easiest thing I have found to adjust, cast and it shows the slightest ticks and takes because the broken off toothpick rides opposite the flies below.

    I have been in cases that a indicator landing on the water has scared fish. Almost always shallow, clear slow moving water. I don't know if its the sudden appearance that scares them or the minute splash. I might be willing to try a yarn indicator at some time to see if it gives me an advantage.
    But these cases are rare. A yarn indicator would have to have all the advantages of what I use now and NO disadvantages or I would go back to the foam indicator. I don't see it tho. I can see it getting water logged. I use alot of roll casts and if it can't maintain its buoyancy without applying floatant then that's a major bummer. It would have to be SIGNIFICANTLY better at showing takes to make it worth the effort.
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    Default Re: Using Yarn as an Indicator?

    I was talking to a presenter and at a fly show a couple of weeks ago and this guy was saying that he carries 6 different types of indicators and the all have they're own uses.
    Certainly not what I do, but understood his point. It's not a "one size fits all" world
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    When the fish are shallow in clear water I take my indiator off. I use a floating furled leader and the end of the leader becomes the indicator. You really have to pay attention and keep a tight line but it can get results. I am sure I miss some takes but it keeps the fish from fleeing. The bad part about the leader method is if the leader is over 25 ft away it is really hard to see. I may pack some yarn next time i'm out for those longer than 25 feet situations. (Please do not missinterprete this ..... I am not trying to high jack this thread with an indicator vs no indicator thread)

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    I use the soft biodegradable foam stuff. I can put just a small amount on my leader, the fish I fish for are very smart catch and release fish, and the small, just a tick, works for me. I have seen fish move from yarn leaders, they know what they are.
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    Default Re: Using Yarn as an Indicator?

    Thingamabobbers are so ridiculously over-priced. I caught some flak last time I suggested this but 260 balloons (the kind for making balloon animals) work great. Latex balloons are biodegradable, can be customized for size, shape, color, are the most frugal choice, and if attached with expertise (I am an award winning balloon entertainer) will not detach and litter the environment even if they pop or deflate. Thingamabobbers, I would guess, will not biodegrade for thousands of years.

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