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    Default Re: Blizzard of 2013

    Quote Originally Posted by Pocono View Post
    If those are bassets, then you have a kindred spirit down here in Northeastern, MA. Here's a pic of me with Bogart (Bogie) and Zoe on Bailey Island, ME last Summer. Right now, they're down it the kitchen howling at each other over a bone........................ gotta luv hounds.......!!

    They are, indeed, bassets. Brother and sister, Moody Blue and Sara.

    I posted this on another thread. They were not amused at that much snow.

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    Default Re: Blizzard of 2013

    Interesting. Ours are also brother and sister; just turned 3 years old. We should get them together...........

    They're a riot! Hard to keep a straight face when bassets are around...........

    When not eating our house, they're usually busy sleeping.....

    The snow didn't bother Bogie at all; he just plowed through it; all you could see was the tip of his tail moving through the snow. And, of course, Zoe followed.........


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