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    Howdy Ladies and Gents, new guy here.Thought I should be polite and introduce myself. I fish mostly for reds on the flats with a fly rod, and occasionally head up to the Davidson to chase trout. The older I get, the more I enjoy the trout, they sure are smart little things. Anyhow, I look forward to the witty banter, and the occasional nugget of knowledge. Tight lines!

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    Default Re: FNG in South Carolina

    Hi TailHooker

    I've not been on the Forums long myself

    hope you enjoy them , there a great bunch on here

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    Default Re: FNG in South Carolina

    I'm sure you'll enjoy the forum, there are a lot of great hookers here.

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    Hey Tailhooker, welcome.

    I am in SC as well. Started fly fishing this year after 60 some years of spinning and bait casting.

    Looking forward to the tailing reds this spring! I am rigged and ready. I will spend a few days in the NC mountains in April for smallies and trout. There's some great fishing in the Carolinas!

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    Welcome to both el guia and tailwalker. Pull up a chair, put your feet up, have a sip of this and enjoy your stay!
    Both of you should consider getting over to WCU on May 17-18 for some great learning experiences and some of the best trout fishing the southeast has to offer. With a trout stream flowing through the campus and the Tuckasegee and Nantahalla Rivers a short ways away at the time of year that the fish will start looking up. it'll be a good 'urn.
    We have the entire campus with 3-4 dozen fly tyers to watch and to pick the brains of and the gym with casting lanes and fly fishing gear vendors surrounding it. Outside we'll be casting and teaching and having a One Fly competition for Project Healing Waters benefit.
    We will have classes for whatever it is you call someone before beginner to a world class two-handed casting instructor. Good fellowship and good times too.
    This is put on every year by the southest council of the Int'l Federation of Fly Fishers. Having gone every year for about 10 I will say it isn't in the least a pile of clickish, snobby flyfishers but a bunch who will make you feel right at home... okay, I'll be honest, there may be a few snobs who sneak in the door but they'll be greatly outnumbered.
    Here's a link that will be updated a LOT as things are solidified but the core Festival programs are a given.
    Southeastern Council of the FFF

    If passing through the Charlotte area look us up at our local here:
    Carolina Fly Fishing Club - Home
    We have quite a few SC members and a couple on the coast and with flats boats.

    Enjoy your stay and

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