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  1. Default Time to Answer Frank's Q.

    It's time...can't stand to go fishing...this coming friday...gathering my toys around me...packing re-packing...still five days to drive to dayton for a cheap seat to FLL...then gulfstream to andros once again...three old cronies going fishing on andros again we started 30 years my medicare aarp supplement for foreign emergency care but not much care on andros...

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    Hi bonefish41,

    Sounds like a great trip. Nothing like fishing with friends.

    Andros is a big Island, what part of the island will you be fishing. Can you tell us about the equipment you are taking?

    Ray, have a good time and be safe. Will be looking for a report and pictures.


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    Staying fresh creek/androstown...crony #1 has house...

    will be fishing possibly all over the island including blue water...fresh creek for sure...stafford creek probable...north bight probable...

    Fly: taking 8wt Diamondback Stu Apte with Orvis Vortex early model; 9 wt TCR with abel 3N; 10 wt TCR with Orvis Mach VI (English)...flies...charlies heavy and light sparse and thick 2-6 pink, yellow..white gold; clousers heavy and light 1/0-4 green, white, black/purple, yellow; small merkins heavy and light...2s and permit merkins 1/0-1

    blue water...rods there...terminal there...lures there ...reel avets sx two speed...jx and lx two speed...accurate 870 old model...we fish for food this time usually wahoo...some kings...some dolphin...snapper and grouper

    all of course weather depend...otherwise three old men on the to speak..with distilled molassass and/or cane and fresh limes

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    Default Re: Time to Answer Frank's Q.

    Gee Whiz Ray, I am jealous.

    Thanks for the information. It will be helpful to fishers planning a trip for Bones or Permit.


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