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    Default Trout in Las Vegas

    A co-worker and I are going to Vegas from Sunday-Wednesday to work. We have some time Sunday afternoon, and jokingly wondered aloud if we could go trout fishing. Some initial google searches show it is possible. I'm aware it will only be stocked trout ponds, but whatever. Has anyone here gone trout fishing in Vegas? Any advice?

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    Default Re: Trout in Las Vegas

    Jokingly advise to take some credit card patterns

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    I understand there is some to the north of Las Vegas. If you want to do some fly fishing around Las Vegas you'll need to expand your horizons. I have caught Carp on a fly rod in Lake Las Vegas. It was a hoot. We created our own Hatch with a hand full of cheetos. It's amazing how smart those carp get. And they do fight pretty good. Also there is a good population of stripped bass in lake mead.

    All in All there are much better locations for fishing than Las Vegas to say the least.

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    Just dangle your worm out and see what you catch.

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    About an hours drive will take you to Nelsons Landing. There are rainbows and stripers there. It is a downstream of Hoover Dam
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    Default Re: Trout in Las Vegas

    Too funny, Bruce...

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