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Thread: Real wintertime boredom ?

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    Default Re: Real wintertime boredom ?

    Hi Comeonavs,

    It’s a good topic and here are some ideas.

    At one time, some of the major rod manufacturers sold Key Employee rods that came with a sock but without a case, unless the Key chose to order it separately and pay the difference.
    Most of our keys would opt for the case. I had a few that I didn’t order cases for.
    Why? Sometimes it just didn’t seem all that important to me and every rod I owned had a D.B.Dun nest. I’d clear out my personal rods pretty fast, as the new models came along…and there was no shortage of empty rod cases in the shop.
    Most of my rods had quite a bit use on them by that time, as they’d be lent out frequently for weekends, etc. to anglers who were on the fence about purchasing one.

    Every year at our largest shop during inventory time, we’d end up with a couple of empty rod cases in our racks, or rod cases that contained only empty socks, but no rod in stock that corresponded to those cases. Pretty hard to believe that someone would buy a top shelf rod and not want the warranty card, sock in some instances or the case, even if they were purchasing an aftermarket rod/reel case or a multi-rod carrier to go along with it.

    Now if you ever saw my 697-4 XP case, you’d see a good reason for separating the case from the rod. Most guys would balk at buying the rod, if they saw the case. It's flown about every other week for the last six years, which takes a toll. Years ago when the rod was new, we were breaking down our rigs near days end and my bud grabbed both of our rod cases from the car. Unfortunately he had mine in his right hand and when he freaked because a wasp buzzed his face. Taking a wild swing at it, he missed by a mile. Instead of knocking the wasp into the next zip code, he caught the rear pillar and window of our rental car. “ Get the insurance - especially if you can expense it “ .While the rod wasn’t in the case at the time, the case has a baseball sized ding in it, that mimics the corner of the car.

    While I’m never bummed that someone doesn’t have a case for a rod or reel. It does set me to thinking, but then seeing how some folks “ don’t “ take care of the gear. It doesn’t surprise me if they’ve simply misplaced some of the components that it came with.

    Thanks, TT
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    Default Re: Real wintertime boredom ?

    I have lost reel boxes but I owned them over 30 years! Some how they got misplace. Never lost a rod tube or sock, but the screw in tops somehow go missing. I think bouncing around in my truck they unscrew and away they go. It always upsets me. I lost a ferrel (sp) plug once on the Taylor near Crested Butte, Colorado. For my birthday my wife got the rod maker to make me a new one, he wasn't dead yet, I had owned that rod for over 30 years and now it has a new plug.
    Keep Looking Up

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