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  1. Default Jim Leisenring's "disciples"

    Greetings! My first post, so pardon me if I'm in the wrong area. I have an old book "The Rough Stream Nymph/Lawrie" that I think belonged to one of Big Jim's group of soft hackle cohorts. Does anyone have any idea who they were?
    Many thanks from frozen Iowa!

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    Default Re: Jim Leisenring's "disciples"

    Probably the most well-known of them was Vernon (Pete) Hiddy. He developed many of his "Flymph" patterns based on what Leisenring had written in his first book. Pete's contributions were added to a later printing of that book.

    Can't help you with the others..........................

    I used to fish the same stretch of Broadhead Creek in Canadensis, PA that Jim and his disciples spent a lot of their time fishing; great stretch of water.


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    Default Re: Jim Leisenring's "disciples"

    Back in the '70s there was a club called "International Society of Flymph Fisherman" but I don't know more about it than that.
    Someone that would know is a fellow by the name of Jim Slattery who I believe you can contact at his shop or through
    The Brotherhood of the Flymph
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