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    Default Re: Deciding on a 4wt reel

    Quote Originally Posted by okuma View Post
    Battenkill Reel -- Orvis UK. Found this on another post. Might be of interest if you want a click/pawl.
    I checked this link out. I like the looks of this reel and the price is reasonable. I noticed that the details state "imported". Live chat with Orvis has not responded to my question. I have one of the older Battenkill reels, manufactured in England and love it. A little heavy for my 4 & 5wt short rods, but still a good reel for the money. I intend to keep an eye out for this reel as it becomes available here or online from Orvis. I could make a place for it next to my Lamson reels. I was saving that spot for an Abel but I think I can make room for both.

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    Don't know if your only considering new reels. You might enjoy pursuing a used reel as I do! You don't need to go the e-bay root.There are may sites that sell quality used reels and rods. A good bargain is an old Pfluger 1492 and with an extra spool you can find one in excellent condition for around $50. I've owned and fished a 1494 for about 40 years and on 3 different rods. Never had an issue with it. For $100 you can find Lamson and Orvis reels. The reel I use on a 4 wt. is an Orvis CFO. Also have fished it for about 40 years. Good stuff lasts, some is inexpensive some is not. Hope you find something you enjoy for years.

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    Thanks for all the input.

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    Will add my 2cents. The Allen is very nice reel. I would also put the Hardy CC Ultralites. Very light and the 4wt is under $200.00.

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    Default Re: Deciding on a 4wt reel

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    I have two (8 1/2' & 9') St Croix Imperial (new version) 4wt rods. The reel I use is an Orvis BBSII with a wf4f line. And it is a great set up. However, I just purchased an Allen Trout 2 for my 5wt and am really impressed with the quality. Given Allen's current credit promotion, I would not hesitate to purchase the AST.


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