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Thread: Fly Clubs

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    You know what I want to see in a fly club newsletter? You know what I want to hear at a fly club from the outings director? I want to read an article or hear a report on the latest outing that basically says "We slayed them, I mean everyone caught fish."

    If that were all there was, they would call it CATCHING instead of FISHING!
    Welcome to the world of Fly Crying

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    This site is the only "FLY CLUB" I would care to belong to.

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    There was a local fly club, but it died a slow agonizing death. The members were aging and didn't reach out to the young fly fishermen, or potential fly fishermen in the area. Now the only fly club that exists within an hour's drive is the high school fly club I started. Hopefully, someday it will translate into revitalizing the now defunct public club that once existed.....time will tell.

    There is no greater fan of fly fishing than the worm. ~Patrick F. McManus, Never Sniff a Gift Fish, 1979

    Anger is like peeing in your pants: everyone can see it, but only you can feel it. ~Jeff Yalden

    Remember: The winner gets to write the history books.

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    In our club as it is we have members from all over the country who moved here for the BBQ, Carolina Blond brew, Carolina blondes, jobs (many of which have since gone away) and mild weather. The fact some are fly fishers drew them to seek out an actual fly fishing club that promote all fish in all waters as long as it is with a fly rod. In other words, an IFFF club. They seek out clubs to help in or take advantage of the education in all aspects of fly fishing, to meet fellow fly anglers or to go to club outings and meetings.
    We in the club have a good idea of who is good at catching so we have several mentor/mentee trips where the old-hands at fly fishing take a rookie or two under his/her wing and teaches them some things on how to get fish to the hand. This really makes for good interesting reports.
    I think the reason some people are a bit shy about telling about all of the fish they might catch is because they've learned that once the toothpaste is out of the tube about their special spot there ain't no going back to the solitude and numerous fish that made the place special in the first place. The days of earning the trust of the person who knows those spots before they are told you and the promises made to keep quiet if told about them are over, thank the internet and the droves who now demand instant gratification, don't know how to search maps and who have to thump their chest about their fishing prowess with details and digital pictures of every fish they catch. In many instances it's simply a case of being burned by saying too much to make people clam up.
    I bet if you gained the trust of certain members of your club they would open up a bit because many who have secrets probably have them for good reason.
    Join our club and I'll introduce you to a few members who absolutely slay the fish at every outing and hold no secrets of how and where. The fact these slaying always take place 'just around the bend', before you got up, after you left and the day before or after seems unusual because no one has been able to witness these astonishing catches but so what, the stories are good.

    While we're on the subject, I put in a request from our city council to have them build our club a new meeting and fly casting facility complete with casting ponds and trout stream simulations that would have chilled, moving water with trout in it year round to teach on and practice in. Our club would of course, keep any money made on parking and refreshment sales.
    This idea works well for other sports, especially franchised team sports where the teams aren't even 501(c)(3) non-profit orginizations like us and are investments and money makers for the private team owners.
    What I ask ain't unreasonable, is it?
    What we will end up with when this charming deal is approved are world class fly fisherman who will vacuum any fish in the area's they go to. We would also become a major tourist attraction for the city much like the Panthers, Bobcats and NASCAR Hal of Fame brings people in from all over the world in droves. All of the stuff mentioned in the last sentence were shiny little gifts to the multi-millionaire or billionaire owners (in the case of Bobcat Johnson and several NASCAR key figures) from the city of Charlotte so my request is within reason, no?

    I hope I kept on point with my rambling. looking back at the wordiness of this post I'm starting to think that wasn't the usual coffee I had this morning.

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    There is no FF club where I now live so I keep renewing my membership in my old club 170 miles away.
    I can attest to the fact they know where the fish will be every day of the year. We got together everother week to tie flies, and were always ready for the next trip. Once a month we had a guest speaker that would show us new options (species; sites).
    I miss it.

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    I belong to a fly fishing club in Southern Ca. Its funny to hear them saying how can we keep members and attract new ones. The meetings are great for me, they are mid week and I get the chance to talk to some of the guys that know the area and are willing to share. I am on both sides, I want to find new places to go and also am willing to take people... the bad is that when I tell them there is hiking and some boulder scrambling to be done, they don't want to work that hard. What I think I will do is not only do posts online at various sites like this one but also start doing a blog in the club newsletter, showing the fish that I have caught and a pic of the brew after the day's fun. I hope that will light a fire under some tails to get out and get off there duff and enjoy what a precious resource that we have.


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