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    I am starting college at kent State Ohio and recently i toured the campus. Throughout the entire 2 hour tour, all i could think about were the streams i passed over on the way up, and the road called fishcreek road. The college is worthless to me if there isn't somewhere to throw a few flies nearby. I tried searching to see if the streams and rivers held fish, but the search was empty. What i do know is that two flows of water are within 6 miles of campus. These are the Cuyahoga river and a branch off called Fish creek. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help me find information about these waters, and ANY OTHERS nearby.

    I pray they contain fish.

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    Kent State is my alma mater---the Cuyahoga River has northerns in it as well as smallmouth. It winds to the north and forms Rockwell and Pippen Reservoirs as well as a small one on the other side of the road to the south --all three are posted no trespassing and are teeming with fish. Further downstream is Hiram Rapids upstream from Hiram College and there is a canoe livery there and that again holds northerns ,smallmouth and largemouth. There is Westbranch reservoir to the east and Magadore and Wingfoot lake to the south. Steelhead from Lake Erie do get as far south as Rt 82 in Macedonia, and a quick 45 minute ride puts you into the Rocky River and more steelhead. In Ravenna there is a great fly shop called TMF(the may fly) and run trips to all over, im sure Frank and crew can enlighten you more.

    there is another forum with info on just Ohio ----OGF--Ohio Game Fishing with more info on the upper Cuyahoga

    I dont know anything about Fish Creek

    Hope this helps
    "something is happening here but i dont know what it is"---dylan

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    Default Re: stream search? unfamiliar territory

    I have been fishing quite a few waters that i dont know whether they contain fish or not, some have left me still doubting to this day, and others i have fished that i am sure dont have fish now.

    Google, should let you know, along with "Ohio Atlas and Gazateer" The red map book for every state. I also use google earth quite a bit in scouting new waters. Also there probably is even litature in local fishing books. I have read most of the ones on montana and wyoming, and while they have to be taken with a grain of salt, they should at least let you know whats fishable.

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    thaks shorthaul thats great to know.... are you aware of any "stocked" streams nearby

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    Default Re: stream search? unfamiliar territory


    I think Mike has given you some great advise. I would make it a point to search out that fly shop and the Ohio Fish and Game department. The Fish and Game will have information on stocking. I can't help as I have not fished that area. Here is a link that may be helpful. Here is a link to the Ohio Department of Wildlife Fishing.


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    Rover ---no prob

    There is rainbow stocking going on in the Rocky River (I just heard that at the FFF meeting a couple weeks ago) and there is some brown trout action going on in the tailwaters of the Clearfork but thats 70 miles south of kent---actually there was an error in my other post---Hiram is upstream on the Cuyahoga---I paddled that stretch in my canoe---it goes south and turns north in Kent and goes to Cleveland

    one of the northerns i saw taken from there was about 40"---that would be pretty serious on a 9 wt

    the steelhead fishing is the big attraction in northern Ohio---ive stopped on the way to work and got 8 fish one morning in about an hour and a half.

    my personal best steelhead has been 32-1/2" on an olive zonker but if i am looking for stream trout---I go to Michigan

    "something is happening here but i dont know what it is"---dylan

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