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Thread: Home Waters

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    Default Home Waters

    Here's a few of mine have a bunch more but there on my old phone..have about 15 or so different trout streams within an hour..maybe more lol

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    Default Re: Home Waters

    Home waters are the top 60'ish miles of the Rogue River (you can toss in the Applegate too). Five minutes from the front door or within an hour I can be anyplace within that 60 miles.
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    Default Re: Home Waters

    This thread brought back memories of following my grandfather into a place called thunderhole creek, here in N.C. I had a 7' 6" eagle claw fly rod and a bunch of his self tied quill gordons, adams, and yellow sallies. There were lots of beautiful rainbow trout that would leap into the air when hooked, and fight like champions. He always caught the biggest fish.......and the most.......and always knew where a big trout would be waiting for a fly. He taught me how to enjoy fly fishing and how to tie flies, and these things have stayed with me now for forty years. He also taught me that a hot dog was best, when fried in leftover bacon grease, served with brown mustard on a piece of white bread...I haven't forgotten this either!!!..thanks to the OP, for starting this thread........

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    Well, no longer close, but when I lived in Calif. The Trinity & Feather rivers provided many hours of Steelhead & King Salmon enjoyment.

    The largest King I caught was a 36 lb monster that snapped my old Finwick HMG 6 wt. (I was fishing for Steelhead at the time, but it seems the Salmon like the same streamers). Luckily (for me, not him, he was dinner) he was done-in, and right next to the net when it slapped that big tail for the last time.

    The Trinity on a cold rainy day

    Now that I bought a ranch here in Colorado, I'm stuck with these smelly critters(These photos were taken 30 yds from the guest house).

    That being said, they they are tasty critters@!

    Life is good!!!!



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    Default Re: Home Waters

    The Pecos (above the town of Pecos into the wilderness) is my home river, since it's reachable in 20 minutes, with most of the road-served reachable in an hour. Within 1-1.5 hours, I can be on the Rio Grande, Chama and the Jemez watershed. Within 2-4 hours, the Conejos, San Juan, Red River (NM), Piedra, Animas and Rio Costilla are in play.

    The wife and I are going to spend 4 3-day weekends on the San Juan in April and May, so it's sort of going to be the home water then.

    Even though NM's dry, there's lots of good fishing relatively nearby. I just wish the San Juan was closer than 3.5 hours ...

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    I am neither blessed with cold trout waters, nor pristine tranquility. What I do have however are the Ohio River and 3 of its tributaries; one extremely polluted, one moderately urban/polluted (but very fishable), and one that is actually a designated Scenic River.
    Here's the moderately urban one, not too pretty near me but I like it anyways. This is the midwest:

    The one that is designated a scenic river actually has over 90 species of fish present in it, which is an absolute abundance of life.

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    Default Re: Home Waters

    Living in the Shenandoah valley has its benefits:

    Smith Creek - (private trout) ~10 minutes

    Dry River (trout) ~ 30 minutes

    Shenandoah River (smallies, muskie, largemouth) ~ 30 minutes

    South River (trout) ~ 45 minutes

    Mossy Creek (spring creek) ~ 30 minutes

    Beaver Creek (spring creek) ~ 30 minutes

    Shenandoah National Park (native brook trout) ~ 45 minutes

    George Washington NF (native trout) ~ 45 minutes
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    I am very lucky that my father choose British Columbia in 1956, my home waters are rivers, ocean and lakes, love fly fishing but I will use whatever works best given the situation.

    Harrison River

    Pitt River

    Pitt River

    Vedder River

    Vedder River

    Vancouver Saltwater

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    Default Re: Home Waters

    This is great stuff everyone, keep it coming! And, thank you for responding so quickly. I'm sure there are many more out there who will share with us both their current home waters as well as the home waters they grew up with. The nostalgia is great.

    I fish, therefore I am - but I gotta go to work first..."piscari ergo sum"

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    Default Re: Home Waters

    I posted a few photos earlier, and just realized how lucky I am to live here. Originally I am from Bosnia/Europe and I grew up fishing some of the Adriatic sea when I was very young. We moved here when I was 13 years old and it is a beautiful place for sure. There is a section of the river where for roughly 6 miles the count of fish is 2000-2500/mile. If you are ever in this neck of the woods of Canada you are guaranteed some good fishing as it is world renowned.

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